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Yigal Arnon & Co
Did you know that the gynecological speculum was invented in 1845, under dubious circumstances? If you don't know what a speculum is, you're probably, well, a man.
Yigal Arnon & Co
Did you know that the gynecological speculum was invented in 1845, under dubious circumstances? If you don't know what a speculum is, you're probably, well, a man.
Yigal Arnon & Co
Following the Corona plague, regulatory, psychological and organizational barriers have been breached, and the rate of use of telemedicine has increased exponentially. For example, the rate of...
Yigal Arnon & Co
When we enter into the health app what we ate and what exercise we performed, when we enter into medical software our symptoms to get a recommendation whether to go to medical treatment...
Yigal Arnon & Co
Waking up to a new morning. A routine day. A wristband on the wrist transmits to the fridge what breakfast will include depending on the new diet you decide to try, and the electric toothbrush...
Yigal Arnon & Co
When we record our meals and exercises in our health app; when we indicate our kid's symptoms in order to decide if to take her to the emergency room; when we check in an expert's ...
Yigal Arnon & Co
Wake up to a new morning. Routine day. A wrist bracelet informs the refrigerator about the breakfast menu, in line with a new diet you decided to try.
Anjarwalla & Khanna
The Breastfeeding Mothers Bill, 2019 (the Bill) was introduced to the National Assembly on 18 October 2019.
Resolution Law Firm
The registration of locally made products is slightly different from the registration process for imported goods.
Pavestones Legal
According to the UN International Trade Statistics Database, importation of products by Nigerians increased from N132.6 million to N159 million between May to June,2020.
Clyde & Co
In this article, we look at how the laws in Qatar address the issue of 'mental wellbeing' and how it is approached within the workplace.
South Africa
Medical and health apps are catching on fast in South Africa, if mobile store rankings are anything to go by.
Clyde & Co
Gender-based violence (GBV) has received increasing attention at a national and international level with calls for interventions and measures to mitigate the situation.
United Arab Emirates
Clyde & Co
The UAE government, at both the federal and local level, has recently issued a decision to stay all actions involving specific healthcare entities for a period of 6 months.
Hassan Elhais
Criminal Lawyers of Dubai have experienced multiple cases in the past decade as clients usually neglect the fact that they are carrying narcotic substances and thereafter
STA Law Firm
When the doctor tells the patient that they need to undergo a surgery, it brings a slight fear or discomfort for the patient.
STA Law Firm
The Indian pharmaceutical distribution system has a limited number of orbits – the pharmaceutical manufacturers; the clearing and forwarding agents (CFAs/ depots); stockists; wholesalers; and retailer
STA Law Firm
Large private hospitals negotiate prices with CFAs and distributors, and accordingly avoid retailer margins, in addition to availing of bulk purchase discounts.
STA Law Firm
Since the middle of the twentieth century, the medical profession has demonstrated an increase in the incidence and severity of medical liability lawsuits.
Yigal Arnon & Co
The Covid-19 pandemic led to the dismantling of regulatory, psychological and organizational barriers, and brought about an exponential increase in the use of tele-health.
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