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Gilchrist Connell
The article considers the potential impact on future shareholder class actions if the proposed amendments are enacted.
Law In Order
COVID-19 continues to have significant impact on litigation proceedings, with data management and eDiscovery challenges.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
There will be a single point of entry and a common set of rules, procedures, practices and approaches to case management.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Since the pandemic, courts have been using technology to facilitate inter party communications during virtual hearings.
Ramsden Lawyers
When drafting formal offers to settle, you must expressly stipulate the amount payable for all claims and counterclaims.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
The Court found that the ABC program severely damaged Chau's reputation, and called for a significant award of damages.
The options you have when someone leaves a bad review online.
Stacks Law Firm
The Federal Court awarded $875,000 in damages against a person who posted "vile" unfounded conspiracy theories online.
Travis Schultz & Partners
A burden rests with an injured person to prove their case – to tell the truth, or - the truth as best they can recall.
Ramsden Lawyers
The law in Australia has not yet caught up to the reality that pets are often a cherished family member or companion.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
An increased use of social media has led many users to face various costly legal battles, including claims of defamation.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
Google reviews may be a forum for opinions and criticism, but false reviews can result in legal battles and defamation.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
The case highlights the importance of procedural fairness and how failure can result in substantial cost and delays.
Stacks Law Firm
If you need to go to court, you should engage a solicitor, with the expertise and experience to present your best case.
Carter Newell
The ‘but for' test is straightforward: but for the defendant's negligence, would the plaintiff's damage have occurred?
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
NSW Local and District Courts deal with contempt of court differently than the Family Court, or Federal Circuit Court.
COVID changes to giving of expert evidence have been evolutionary for arbitrations, but revolutionary for some courts.
Doogue + George Defence Lawyers
What is Legal professional privilege? Is it under threat?
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
This case raised questions about the adequacy of the justice system to meet the needs of indigenous Australians.
Stacks Law Firm
A large branch fell from the tree above, shattering the top plate of the grave and heavily damaging the side plates.
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