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Discrimination, Disability & Sexual Harassment
Marque Lawyers
Sexual violence, wherever it sits on the spectrum from workplace harassment to assault, is an expression of dominance.
Marque Lawyers
Trump and his conservatives will be crushed by this case, which shows that civil rights law has teeth, which bite hard.
Marque Lawyers
Dyson Heydon has been found, following a due and fair process, to have done things that deserve exactly that result.
Link to podcast where the matter and sexual harassment in the legal profession and workplaces generally is discussed.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
To live and work in an environment free of sex discrimination and sexual harassment is a human right – not a privilege.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The former High Court justice has vehemently denied allegations of sexual harassment, despite the inquiry's findings.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Australia was found to have one of the highest rates of bullying and harassment amongst law professionals in the world.
Holding Redlich
Employers might face increased liability for injuries caused by workplace bullies if they fail to act on complaints of bullying.
With the current state of COVID-19, many employees are in the midst of now returning to work and others who have been working at home are returning to the workplace.
Littler - Canada
On June 22, 2020, the federal government announced that both Bill C-65 and the Regulation will come into force on January 1, 2021.
MLT Aikins LLP
The Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations are set to come into force on January 1, 2021.
Clark Wilson LLP
If your business is federally regulated, you should be aware of recent changes to applicable employment and occupational health and safety standards.
McMillan LLP
The Government of Canada has published significant changes to the workplace harassment and violence provisions of the Canada Labour Code (the "Code").
Field LLP
On April 1, 2019, portions of Bill 21: An Act to Protect Patients came into force in Alberta and amended the treatment of sexually based regulatory offences by colleges and regulators under....
Miller Thomson LLP
The issue of systemic racism (particularly against Black and Indigenous persons) has been at the forefront of public discourse in Canada in recent weeks.
Babin Bessner Spry LLP
In early June, our firm posted a tweet regarding our stance and our support for Black lives. It is important to recognize that we must take action to supplement our stance.
IPO Pang Xingpu
Women are rising up around the world, claiming a greater role in political and economic leadership. It's happening everywhere and in the face of differing cultural values, history, and context that...
Impacts of sexual harassment are felt beyond just the harassing interaction.
With Guernsey moving towards Phase 5 of its exit strategy ("the Bailiwick Bubble") and Jersey moving into Level 2, ("Safely moving towards the ‘New Normal'")...
GVZH Advocates
A policy is a predetermined course of action, established to provide clear guidelines to staff on how the company operates. Along the years, policies have become an essential part of well-structured...
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