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Middle East & Africa
Debt Capital Markets
Legalstone Solicitors LLP
Indebtedness within the Ghanaian market poses a severe challenge to lenders and businesses trying to grow their investment portfolios.
Yigal Arnon & Co
The bonds are guaranteed by a lien on the gas from the Leviathan offshore field in which Delek Drilling has a 45.34% stake.
Yigal Arnon & Co
Many clients are turning to our office with practical questions regarding that actions that are expected of them as corporate executives, during the time when the corporation's cash fund is...
On 7 August 2020, the Bankruptcy Division of the Supreme Court of Mauritius (Bankruptcy Division) delivered judgment in Alteo Agri Ltd v Ramasawmy & Ramasawmy Co. Ltd 2020 SCJ 176...
Sefton Fross
When acquiring a company or business, one of the main issues for an acquirer is how to finance the acquisition. Except the acquirer is in a position to complete the deal using existing cash...
Pavestones Legal
Access to credit in Nigeria has been low for a while, with the Central Bank of Nigeria affirming that only 5.3% of the adult population have access to finance.
Resolution Law Firm
To recover debt from a company and individual in Nigeria involves various legal options. It is important to state that there is a limitation period to which a debt can be recovered in Nigeria.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Debts are a fact of life and reality of business. Many going concerns must deal with debt from time to time, and there is often the need to manage debt portfolio especially by lenders (banks/financial institutions).
Saudi Arabia
SCHLÜTER GRAF Legal Consultants
Securing and collateralizing debts has been a significant legal issue in the Kingdom of SaudiArabia (KSA) for a long time. Covered by more prominent topics, due to the current COVID Crisis
South Africa
Adams & Adams
The nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on people's daily activities. Under Level 5 (from 26 March to 1 May 2020)
Bentley Attorneys
The Prescription Act 68 of 1969 ("the Act") regulates the running of Prescription. A debt will prescribe after the lapse of a certain time period.
Bentley Attorneys
Below is a copy of the article with originally appeared in the April 2019 edition of the official South African attorneys' journal De Rebus.
In South Africa, interest is deductible under the Income Tax Act, 1962 whether or not the interest is capital in nature, provided the interest is incurred "in the production of income" and as part of a "trade".
Environmental, social and governance ("ESG") considerations are moving into the mainstream, both globally and in South Africa.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
With the uncertainty of the covid-19 and the many negative economic knock-on effects, times are tough.
Adams & Adams
The average person, when purchasing a property, will borrow money from a bank. When the loan is approved, the bank will instruct its attorney to attend to the registration of a bond over the property.
The court held that any such order is ultra vires the NCA, and is therefore null and void.
Adams & Adams
Obtaining a favourable judgment against an Organ of State marks a day of success and promotes the feeling that justice has been served.
United Arab Emirates
Hassan Elhais
It is certainly an arduous exercise and shocking to ascertain the overall impact of coronavirus on the life of the individuals
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
From asking your bank for a mortgage payment holiday or knowing where you stand when it comes to defaulting on your payments, legal experts in the United Arab Emirates explain
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