In our "Are you Winding Me Up?" article of last week, we highlighted how, in the immediate aftermath of social distancing measures imposed by Government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, over 300+ winding up hearings due to take place in the Insolvency and Companies Court ("ICC") in London on 25 March 2020 had been adjourned for between 12-19 weeks.

Whilst there remains the possibility that steps will be taken in due course to curb the making of winding up orders until at least after social distancing measures have been relaxed, winding up hearings are, for the time being, going ahead once again.

On 2 April 2020, Chief ICC Judge Briggs dealt with the ICC Winding Up List utilising Skype. Whilst we did not have any petitions that were dealt with, it has been reported that the process worked well. It would seem, therefore, that for the time being at least, it is back to business as normal in the Insolvency and Companies Court, albeit with hearings largely being conducted over computer screens.

Originally published 7 April, 2020

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