Regulation About Trade Concerning Second Hand Motor Land Vehicles is published in the Official Gazette dated 13.02.2018 and entered into effect with its' publication (dates of effect of certain articles thereunder are deferred and postponed by the said Regulation). This Regulation includes second hand motor land vehicle sales and purchasing activities of those real as well as corporate entity tradesmen and merchants dealing with the trade business of second hand motor land vehicles, respective methods and principles regarding granting and issuance of authorization certificate, including renewal and cancellation of the same, conditions sought for in respect of premises, collective enterprises and markets where second hand motor land vehicle trade business is conducted, methods of payment concerning sales and purchasing of second hand motor land vehicles, duties and obligations of Notary Public Offices in respect of second hand motor land vehicle trade, as well as and including the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Within the scope of the Regulation, trade of second hand motor land vehicles is carried out and conducted by those merchants, tradesmen and craftsmen obtaining authorization certificate on behalf of their respective business enterprises. The authorization certificate is duly given, renewed and cancelled by the Province Directorate of the province where the entity involved with second hand motor land vehicle trade is located. Term of validity of the authorization certificate is five years.

Following conditions are sought in respect of such business enterprises where second hand motor land vehicle trade is conducted:

a) Opening into operation at business circles specified under zoning legislations in practice, sites where no extra load and burden are imposed on the environment in the vicinity and to the traffic, and under premises of such buildings not incorporating residential independent sections.

b) Total space covered by its closed as well as open areas to hold no less than four vehicles; in calculating the area covered by any vehicle, at least twenty five square meters is taken for a passenger car, at least five square meters for a motorcycle, and no less than fifty square meters for any other vehicles.

c) Net ceiling height of the showroom to be no less than three meters.

ç) It is required to possess an open space where second hand motor land vehicles operating on LPG, CNG or LNG are displayed.

d) Availability of any exit and entrance gates suitable for entry and exit of vehicles and the exit gate to be equipped n such a way and manner to enable facilitated evacuation in cases of hazards and emergency.

It is required that financial liability insurance of the enterprise dealing with the trade of second hand motor land vehicles is duly made and further that any second hand motor land vehicles presented to sale are included under coverage of such insurance.

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