The Superior Tribunal of Bogota ordered the Telecommunication Regulation Commission (TRC) to regulate the National and International Long Distance services, so that before the 5th of August of the current year, the local telecommunication companies may compete with Telecom (state owned long distance company) in the rendering of long distance service. Different rulings decided the Tutelas brought by six local telecommunications companies based on the violation of the equal rights protected by the Constitution.

Telecom was the only entity authorized to render local and long distance services, while the local companies were forbidden to render long distance services. Based on the above, the process of granting two long distance licenses would be resumed. Such process was suspended in August of last year, as a consequence of the negotiations held between the Union of Telecom and the National Government.

Prepared by Anamaria Arboleda and Gustavo Hoyos from Gomez Pinzon & Asociados.

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