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The amenability of private school decisions to judicial review
The question of whether private school decisions are amenable to judicial review has yet to be answered in New Zealand.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2019
Strike action by the Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) draws attention to partial strikes and recently changed pay deduction laws
Employers should become aware of their changed obligations since recent amendments to the Employment Relations Act.
New Zealand
24 Jun 2019
Changes to Commerce Act would restrict actions of firms with substantial market power
The Government proposes to make illegal a lot more of the actions of a firm that has substantial power in a market.
New Zealand
20 Feb 2019
Court of Appeal rules that leaky building claims against James Hardie can proceed
Claimants alleged that JH building products were defective, not watertight, and did not comply with building standards.
New Zealand
26 Dec 2018
Importance of application of Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to schools
Schools are required to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, a work environment that is without risks to safety.
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
New Zealand Plant Variety Rights (PVR) Act Under Review
The current New Zealand PVR Act is over 30 years old, and is being reviewed with a view to bringing it more in line with the corresponding Acts of many of New Zealand's trading partners.
New Zealand
20 Nov 2018
Bespoke regime for unwinding Ponzi schemes
The Government is moving to create a special regime to unwind Ponzi schemes in a way which is fair to all investors.
New Zealand
22 May 2018
Lending & Labelling: Consumer Affairs Under New Leadership
Following the 2017 New Zealand general election, a minority coalition government has been formed between the Labour Party (Labour) and the New Zealand First Party ...
New Zealand
8 Feb 2018
Unfair contract terms in business to business contracts
A recent Australian court case tested the application of the unfair contract terms regime to small business contracts.
New Zealand
15 Dec 2017
Unsubstantiated representations – Fujitsu first scalp for Commerce Commission
Fujitsu is the first business to be convicted under the unsubstantiated representations provisions in the Fair Trading Act.
New Zealand
15 Oct 2017
Does my business really need written terms of trade?
Terms of trade will differ depending on whether your business supplies products or services.
New Zealand
24 Sep 2017
Commerce Commission new focus on retail sector off the back of penalties tripling
This focus follows an increase in the maximum penalties for misleading and deceptive conduct and false representations.
New Zealand
30 May 2017
Manuka Honey Causing A Stir
Manuka honey has seen great success both domestically in New Zealand and as an export product. With this success, topical legal issues have arisen.
New Zealand
20 Feb 2017
Franchisor in New Zealand recently fined for misleading conduct – ice cream or frozen yoghurt?
Retailers must be wary of representations made in New Zealand about products, and must meet all standards required.
New Zealand
23 Oct 2016
Consumer law reform: unsubstantiated representations
A new prohibition on businesses making unsubstantiated representations is one of the key amendments to the Fair Trading Act.
New Zealand
5 Jun 2016
Consumer law reform: unfair contract terms
NZ has prohibited unfair contract terms in standard form consumer contracts.
New Zealand
5 Jun 2016
Increased protections for consumers: what businesses need to know
Some of the most important changes to New Zealand's consumer laws in recent times were enacted at the end of last year.
New Zealand
5 Jun 2016
Commerce Commission test drives new unfair contract terms regime
The telecommunications contract review is a first look at the implementation approach to the unfair contract terms regime.
New Zealand
29 Feb 2016
Following up on the Building Amendment Act 2013: A reminder to builders about consumer protection
Since these consumer protection measures, builders must review residential build contracts and Building Act compliance.
New Zealand
14 Oct 2015
Residential building contractors – are you compliant with consumer protection laws?
Many building contractors are unaware of the changes relating to the new residential building consumer protection laws.
New Zealand
13 May 2015
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