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BVI Commercial Court Decision Serves As Bold Reminder Of Duties Of Full And Frank Disclosure On Ex Parte Applications
On 9 May 2019, The Honourable Mr Justice Adrian Jack QC (Ag) delivered an oral Judgment in BVI proceedings in the Abyzov/Vekselberg-related litigation.
British Virgin Islands
6 Jun 2019
Cayman Court Approves Litigation Funding Agreement
In A Company v A Funder, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has approved third party funding of commercial litigation in a case that falls outside of the typical insolvency context.
Cayman Islands
9 Jan 2018
Primeo Fund v HSBC: Grand Court Rules That Madoff Feeder Fund Was "The Author Of Its Own Misfortune"
In a landmark judgment of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands delivered on 23 August 2017 in Primeo Fund (in Official Liquidation) ("Primeo") v Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Ltd ("BBCL") and HSBC Securities Services...
Cayman Islands
30 Aug 2017
Commercial Operation Of Cayman Islands Pleasure Yachts In The Caribbean And Certification Of Cayman Islands Pleasure Yachts Operating In US Waters
The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry ("CISR") has issued a new alternative set of requirements for yachts that wish to operate commercially in the Caribbean under Shipping Notice No. 02/2016 Rev 1.
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2016
The Contracts (Rights Of Third Parties) Law, 2014
The new Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Law was enacted on 21 May 2014 and is now in full force and effect in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
27 Aug 2014
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