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Ireland Update: Central Register Of Beneficial Ownership Of Corporates – Website Goes Live
On 29 April 2019, the website of the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies went live (the "Central Register").
13 May 2019
Updates In Respect Of Automatic Exchange Of Information ("AEOI") April 2019
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has issued an Industry Advisory to update the relevant dates for reporting under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and the Common Reporting Standard.
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
Remedying Defects In Compliance With The Companies Winding Up Rules
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands recently delivered a judgment in In the matter of Pinnacle Global Partners Fund I LTD.
Cayman Islands
11 Apr 2019
How to Evaluate Your Risk
Over the course of the last year, amendments to the Cayman Islands' Proceeds of Crime Law (2018 Revision) and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (2018 Revision)
Cayman Islands
11 Feb 2019
Cryptocurrency Funds: Risk Or Opportunity For The Cayman Islands?
It may be surprising to learn that the word "cryptocurrency" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014
Cayman Islands
11 Feb 2019
Updates In Respect Of The Common Reporting Standard ("CRS")
An amendment to the existing BVI CRS legislation has been published which introduces new requirements to the existing CRS regime.
British Virgin Islands
13 Nov 2018
Jersey - The Uses Of Jersey Foundations
The purpose of this briefing note is to set out some of the benefits of Jersey foundations. A Jersey foundation is designed to blend the highly attractive features of both Jersey companies...
Cayman Islands
11 Oct 2018
UCITS Regime To Be Amended For EU Fixed Income Products
The European Commission (the "Commission") has published two legislative proposals for the establishment, at EU level, of enabling frameworks for sovereign bond-backed securities ("SBBSs")...
European Union
17 Sep 2018
Compliance Update - Act Now To Ensure Compliance With The Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018
Following the signing of a commencement order on 30 July 2018, the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018 (the "Act") is now in force.
15 Aug 2018
Exempted Companies - June 2017
An exempted company (a "Company") is the most commonly used type of Cayman Islands company for international transactions. This note describes certain features of a Company.
Cayman Islands
26 Jun 2017
Registrar Of Companies (Compliance Measures) Act 2017
Upon recommendation of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Bermuda recently enacted the Registrar of Companies (Compliance Measures) Act 2017 which came into force on 24 March 2017.
18 Apr 2017
Registrar of Companies (Compliance Measures) Act 2017 | Bermuda
At present, Bermuda registered entities are required to maintain certain books and records, including minutes and records of account, in Bermuda.
18 Apr 2017
Cayman Islands Introduction Of Beneficial Ownership Registers
Following public consultation during 2016 and early 2017, legislation has been passed which will require Cayman Islands companies (but not partnerships) to maintain registers of beneficial ownership at their registered offices.
Cayman Islands
13 Apr 2017
Audit Committees For Irish Companies
The Companies Act 2014 (the "Act") has widened the number of companies that are required to set up an audit committee ("Audit Committee") under Irish law.
21 Mar 2017
Directors' Compliance Statements Under The Companies Act 2014
The rationale for the introduction of compliance statements was to foster a culture of compliance by creating a greater sense of accountability and responsibility among company directors and by developing good systems of internal controls within companies.
8 Feb 2017
SME Regulations Now Applicable To Credit Unions
As of 1 January 2017, Credit Unions lending to SMEs must have appropriate systems, policies and procedures in place to comply with regulations issued by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).
27 Jan 2017
Cayman Islands Revised CRS Regulations
The primary purpose of the Second Tranche is to ensure effective implementation of the Common Reporting Standard by the Cayman Islands as an early adopter of the CRS.
Cayman Islands
11 Jan 2017
Securities Financing: Reuse Obligations Become Effective
The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (EU 2015/2365) forms part of the EU initiative on shadow banking and is intended to assist in bringing more transparency to shadow banking activities.
European Union
21 Nov 2016
Shining A Light On The Beneficial Ownership Of Irish Companies: New Disclosure Requirements Imminent
The obligation to report to a central register is unlikely to come into effect until 4MLD is fully transposed which is expected to occur in June 2017.
17 Nov 2016
FCPA, AML And OFAC Risks For Private Equity And Hedge Funds
Partner Rolf Lindsay talks about his views from the Cayman Islands on the USA's FCPA, AML regulations and the role of the OFAC in terms of private equity and hedge funds risk.
Cayman Islands
18 Oct 2016
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