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Antitrust M&A Snapshot | US Agencies Aggressive While The EC Publishes Report On Competition Policy For The Digital Era
The second quarter of 2019 proved to be a busy season for antitrust matters. In the United States, agencies continued to be aggressive and blocked transactions or required significant remedies
United States
30 Aug 2019
Right Around The Corner: Expanded IRS Determination Letter Program Opens In September
Beginning September 1, 2019, the IRS is expanding its retirement plan determination letter program to apply to certain individually designed statutory hybrid and merged plans.
United States
26 Aug 2019
Antitrust Enforcement Update: Spotlight On Physician Transactions
At both the state and federal level, antitrust enforcement agencies continue to pursue successful challenges to physician practice transactions. This article summarizes two recent enforcement actions
United States
2 Jul 2019
Antitrust M&A Snapshot | US Tackles Vertical Merger Enforcement Guidelines While The EC Blocks 2 Transactions
The first quarter of 2019 proved to be as active as ever for antitrust regulators in both the United States and Europe.
United States
11 Jun 2019
Antitrust M&A Snapshot | Regulator Focus On High-Tech Transactions, Acquisitions And Impact On Innovations
Antitrust regulators in the United States and Europe were very active in the final quarter of 2018 closing a large number of cases requiring in-depth investigations.
United States
20 Mar 2019
THE LATEST: FTC's New "Technology Task Force" Has Broad Mandate Including Review Of Consummated Transactions
The US Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Bureau of Competition announced the launch of a new Technology Task Force that will investigate anticompetitive conduct, review past transactions, as well as contribute to pending merger reviews.
United States
11 Mar 2019
Out Of Bounds: Sports Agencies Flagged For Anticompetitive Bidding Agreements
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) recently sued former joint venture partners because they allegedly coordinated their competitive activities beyond the legitimate scope of their venture.
United States
7 Mar 2019
EU Court Of Justice Confirms Annulment Of Commission Prohibition Decision Due To A Procedural Irregularity
On 16 January 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) dismissed the appeal by the European Commission (Commission) against the 2017 judgment of the General Court of the European Union (GCEU).
United States
28 Feb 2019
Bigger Is Better. . .Or Maybe Not: The Siemens/Alstom Railway Merger
The European Commission recently reaffirmed that industrial policy objectives have no role to play when it comes to applying the EU merger control rules. Despite unusually intense industrial
European Union
15 Feb 2019
THE LATEST: FTC Allows Problematic Vertical Merger To Proceed With A Behavioral Remedy
On January 28, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it had accepted a proposed settlement with office supply distributors Staples and Essendant in connection with Staples' proposed
United States
11 Feb 2019
Corporate Law & Governance Update - December 2018
A revised Department of Justice (DOJ) policy serves to clarify the relationship between establishing individual accountability and qualifying for cooperation credit
United States
12 Dec 2018
THE LATEST: DOJ Announces New Model Timing Agreement For Merger Investigations
Consistent with Assistant Attorney General Delrahim's speech on September 25, 2018, the DOJ released a new Model Timing Agreement which sets out that it will require fewer custodians,
United States
7 Dec 2018
New FTC Interpretation Will Require HSR Act Filing For Many Hospital Affiliation Transactions
The Premerger Notification Office of the Federal Trade Commission recently formalized a new position on Hart-Scott-Rodino Act reporting obligations for certain not-for-profit, non-stock transactions.
United States
23 Nov 2018
THE LATEST: DOJ Reaches Settlement With Six Broadcast Television Companies
The Department of Justice (DOJ) and six broadcast television companies reached settlements last week after the DOJ claimed that the companies shared competitively sensitive information...
United States
22 Nov 2018
Antitrust M&A Snapshot - November 7, 2018
Both US antitrust agencies marked the third quarter of 2018 with significant policy announcements regarding the merger review process.
United States
16 Nov 2018
Healthcare And Antitrust Enforcement: Continuity Through The Administrations
Antitrust laws protect competition and consumers. Antitrust enforcement is prevalent in actions concerning manufacturing and consumer goods ...
United States
31 Oct 2018
Finishing SALT: September Wrap-Up & Looking At October
Steve Kranz spoke at the IPT 2018 Sales & Use Tax Symposium in Indian Wells, CA regarding Preparing for and Winning Litigation of Sales Tax Cases at the Administrative, Trial and Appellate Levels.
United States
15 Oct 2018
DOJ Announces Procedural Reforms Seeking To Resolve Merger Investigations Within 6 Months Of Filing
Today, Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim announced a series of reforms with the express goal to resolve most merger investigations within six months of filing.
United States
28 Sep 2018
THE LATEST: FTC Continues Focus On Improving Procedures For Evaluating Remedy Packages
The FTC posted a short article indicating that after finalizing a settlement package with FTC Staff, it takes approximately four weeks for the Directors of the Bureau of Competition and the Bureau of Economics (the Directors), as well as the Commission to review the Directors' recommendations and vote on the package.
United States
12 Sep 2018
New Areas Of Board M&A Focus
One development is the increasing application of a so-called "Weinstein clause" within a definitive transaction agreement.
United States
29 Aug 2018
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