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Are Power Purchase And Similar Agreements Excluded From The Automatic Stay Under The Safe Harbor For Forward Contracts? Recent US Utility Bankruptcies Raise This And Other Important Questions
Both the First Energy Solutions and PG&E bankruptcies have seen proceedings regarding power purchase and similar agreements (PPAs) that raise this question.
United States
7 Mar 2019
US Banking Agencies Propose Changes To Calculation Of Derivative Contract Exposures Under Regulatory Capital Rules
A perennial challenge in the prudential regulation of banks' derivatives activities has been the development of uniform, administrable, yet adequately risk-sensitive standardized methods for calculating derivatives exposures for use in prudential ratios.
United States
15 Nov 2018
US Securities And Exchange Commission Issues Final Rules Regarding The Application Of Security-Based Swap Intermediary Definitions To Cross-Border Security Based Swap Activity
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted final rules regarding the cross-border application of certain security-based swap provisions of Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
United States
16 Jul 2014
CFTC Mandatory Clearing Rules – June 10 Phase-in Date For Financial Entities
The next milestone date in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s ("CFTC’s") phase-in of mandatory clearing occurs on June 10, 2013, when so-called "Category 2 entities" must begin clearing swaps subject to the mandate.
United States
17 May 2013
Proposed CFTC Guidance Regarding The Cross-Border Application Of US Swap Regulations
On Friday, June 29, 2012, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the "CFTC") released its proposed interpretive guidance and policy statement.
United States
3 Jul 2012
The New CFTC and SEC Swap "Entity" Definitions – Highlights
We offer below selected observations on the final rules and the Commissions' interpretive guidance in the Adopting Release.
United States
3 May 2012
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