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Reflections On The Hedge Fund Emerging & Start Up Manager Forum
It is important to understand that there may be a number of jurisdictions involved when setting up a new fund, each with their own regulatory regime.
Isle of Man
3 Jun 2019
Brexit Again...!
The Data Protection Act 2018 (Act) is the principal piece of Isle of Man primary legislation addressing data protection.
European Union
12 Apr 2019
Practical Implications Of Brexit – Data Protection
Both the Island's Information Commissioner and the UK's Information Commissioner's Office have put in considerable work in preparing for Brexit and their respective websites contain a lot of useful information.
Isle of Man
14 Mar 2019
Further Update On The Isle Of Man's Implementation Of GDPR
In May we provided an update on the Isle of Man's implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR).
Isle of Man
10 Sep 2018
Isle Of Man Legislation Updates
The Act addresses several recommendations made within the MONEYVAL Mutual Evaluation Report of the Isle of Man, as well as addressing other matters identified by various authorities in relation to anti-money laundering and the effective prosecution of financial crime.
Isle of Man
7 Sep 2018
Update On The Isle Of Man's Implementation Of GDPR
The Isle of Man Cabinet Office recently released a revised draft of the Isle of Man's GDPR legislation. We are pleased to note that some of our comments have been addressed...
Isle of Man
3 May 2018
Mind The Gap
At the time of writing, it's just over one year to go until the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes fully into force across the EU.
Isle of Man
5 Mar 2018
DQ Authors Isle Of Man Chapter Of Data Protection Guide
Hazel Dawson and Sinead O'Connor of DQ's data protection team have co-authored the Isle of Man chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Data Protection 2017.
Isle of Man
12 Dec 2017
Have Data Protection Laws Changed Trust Law On Disclosure?
A landmark decision was handed down by the Court of Appeal (England and Wales) on 16 February 2017 in respect of beneficiaries using subject access requests under data protection law ...
Isle of Man
30 Nov 2017
DPA, SARs And The GDPR: Why You Should Be Paying Attention To These Acronyms
The proverbial spot light is further intensified by a number of recent high profile subject access judgments from the Court of Appeal (England and Wales) which...
Isle of Man
4 Oct 2017
Cybersecurity In The Isle Of Man
In recent months many major companies across a diverse range of industries have been the victims of hacking.
Isle of Man
25 Aug 2017
To Shred Or Not To Shred, That Is The Question?
Document retention is a hot topic, in light of various leaks that have taken place and most notably the Panama Papers, where some of the leaked documentation dated back to the 1970s.
Isle of Man
10 Apr 2017
New Data Protection Regulations - Got 2 ½ Days And A Decent Pen?
Good, because that's how long it took me to read through all the detail on the Information Commissioner's web site about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.
European Union
9 Sep 2016
Data Protection Update
The CJEU ruled on 6 October 2015 that organisations cannot rely on the European Commission approved Safe Harbor scheme when transferring personal data from the EU to the US.
Isle of Man
12 Aug 2016
Is Cyber Crime Risk On Your Board Agenda?
The Office of National Statistics estimates that in 2015, there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cyber crime in the UK.
Isle of Man
26 Jul 2016
Data Protection: The New EU Regime And What It Means For The IOM
The current data protection regime in the European Union (EU) dates back 20 years – before the growth of the internet and the digital economy.
Isle of Man
4 Jul 2016
A Right to Privacy at Work?
Employees should take care when bringing private matters into the workplace. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be reasonable to expect privacy. - See more at:
Isle of Man
3 Jun 2016
Guide To Data Protection In The Isle Of Man
The following provides general guidance on data protection legislation in the Isle of Man.
Isle of Man
10 Mar 2015
The Right To Be Forgotten
Whether we want information on a prominent business person, a local restaurant, a famous actor or a new vacuum cleaner, we generally "google it".
European Union
15 Oct 2014
Privacy In Trustee Applications In The Isle Of Man
The Isle of Man High Court has confirmed that it will in appropriate cases make orders protecting the privacy of settlors, beneficiaries and trust affairs.
Isle of Man
29 Apr 2014
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