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Soft Touch Provisional Liquidators In The BVI: Constellation Overseas Ltd, Pointing The Way
In December 2018, the BVI Commercial Court appointed ‘soft touch' provisional liquidators to Constellation Overseas Ltd, a BVI incorporated company, and five of its BVI incorporated subsidiaries.
British Virgin Islands
18 Jul 2019
Down The Rabbit Hole And Through The Looking Glass: The Cayman Islands Scheme Of Arrangement Under The Magnifying Glass
The Cayman Islands has long established itself as a leading offshore financial centre which offers a sophisticated and flexible restructuring toolkit by which to implement cross-border restructurings.
Cayman Islands
18 Jul 2019
Bermuda Schemes Of Arrangement: Delivering Global Restructurings And Reorganisations
A court-supervised scheme of arrangement is the most straightforward and cost effective way to facilitate a corporate rescue or restructuring of a company which is incorporated in Bermuda but has its operations or listing status in another jurisdiction.
21 May 2019
BVI Court Breaks New Ground In Appointing "Soft Touch" Provisional Liquidators In Constellation Overseas Ltd And Others
The BVI Commercial Court has for the first time appointed what are colloquially referred to as "soft touch" provisional liquidators for the purpose of a restructuring in respect of 6 BVI companies.
Cayman Islands
11 Feb 2019
近期Schahin II Finance Company (SPV) Limited(开曼群岛注册成立票据发行人)的重组会引起破产从业人员的格外关注 ...
Cayman Islands
5 Feb 2019
Cayman Islands Scheme Of Arrangement involving DIP Financing
Creditors have now been given a proper chance of achieving a better return in the future.
Cayman Islands
24 Jan 2019
Restructuring Options In The Cayman Islands
A question that we are regularly asked by general counsel is what options are available where a Cayman Islands holding company is facing an imminent debt crisis.
Cayman Islands
7 Dec 2018
The Cayman Restructuring Toolkit: Exploring The Flexible Restructuring Options On Offer In The Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands provisional liquidation regime has proven to be an extremely useful and flexible tool to assist with complex financial restructurings.
Cayman Islands
23 Nov 2018
Avoiding The Nuclear Option
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (the "Court") has appointed ‘soft touch' provisional liquidators ("PLs") to the Hong Kong listed company CW Group Holdings Limited (the "Company") ...
22 Aug 2018
Irish High Court Ruling In Corporate Rescue Case: Revenue Liabilities & Examinership
It has become a frequent feature for Irish companies seeking court protection through examinership to provide a written undertaking at the petition stage that it will discharge in full post-petition taxes ...
17 Aug 2018
Bermuda ‘Light-Touch' Provisional Liquidator Restructuring
A bold judicial reimagining of the Court's existing power to appoint a provisional liquidator for asset preservation purposes, Bermuda's ‘lighttouch' provisional liquidation ...
20 Jul 2018
Cayman Islands Schemes Of Arrangement: An Alternative Tool For Cross-Border Restructuring
Cross-border restructurings often present a number of challenging issues for practitioners not least where the company in financial difficulty is incorporated in a jurisdiction without an efficient or sophisticated
Cayman Islands
19 Jul 2018
Restructuring Ocean Rig - Treading Ultra-Deep Water In The Cayman Islands
The Ocean Rig restructuring process demonstrates that the Cayman Islands scheme of arrangement process is flexible and is well equipped to work through complex restructurings.
Cayman Islands
26 Sep 2017
Restructuring & Insolvency
Partner Neil Lupton has worked with The In-House Lawyer Magazine to create a country-specific online Q&A that provides an overview of the legal framework and key issues surrounding restructuring...
Cayman Islands
7 Jul 2017
In-House Lawyer - Restructuring & Insolvency, Cayman
This Q&A is part of the global guide to Restructuring & Insolvency.
Cayman Islands
29 Jun 2017
European Commission Proposals On Preventative Restructuring
On 22 November 2016 the European Commission published its proposal for a draft directive on preventative restructuring frameworks ("Draft Directive").
European Union
27 Jan 2017
Walkers Represents Beneficial Interest Holders In Successful Petition For Winding Up In The Cayman Islands Court
Cayman Islands incorporated entities are commonly used as the debtor entity in Asian corporate and financing structures, issuing notes to investors for the purpose of raising capital for the underlying group.
Cayman Islands
14 Sep 2015
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