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IL Passes One-Line Law Permitting the Regulation Of GHG Emissions; Regulation To Follow?
The United States formally withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol in 2001.
United States
27 Aug 2019
IRS Releases 2019 Section 45 Production Tax Credit Amounts
On June 6, 2019, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published a notice providing the inflation-adjustment factors and reference prices for the calculation of renewable electricity PTCs under IRC section 45 for 2019.
United States
25 Jul 2019
Transfer Of Rights Surplus Bidding Round: Preliminary Tender Protocol And Draft Of The Production Sharing Agreements Released
On June 13, 2019, the National Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels Agency (the "ANP") published the preliminary tender protocol ("Pre-Tender") of the Transfer of Rights Surplus
United States
10 Jul 2019
One Size Does Not Fit All: EU Commission Recommendations On Cybersecurity In The Energy Sector
As new technologies develop, the smart grid and smart devices become increasingly interconnected and exposed to security incidents.
United States
2 May 2019
Legal Update: CFE And The Amended Terms Of Strict Legal Separation
On March 25, 2019, Mexico's Ministry of Energy (SENER) published an amendment to the Terms of Strict Legal Separation (TESLs) of the Federal Electricity Commission.
22 Apr 2019
Mexican Energy And Infrastructure: What To Expect In 2019
The revenue budget estimated for 2019 is USD $277,601 million1, which represents 21.1% of Mexico's GDP.
United States
15 Feb 2019
FERC Clarifies Its Concurrent Jurisdiction With Regard To Bankruptcy Filings That Seek To Reject Power Purchase Agreements
On January 25, 2019, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order clarifying its position with regard to bankruptcy filings that seek to reject Commission-jurisdictional wholesale power purchase agreements.
United States
1 Feb 2019
Into The Void (Again): PG&E Intends To Enter Bankruptcy Proceedings – Possible Consequences For Renewable PPAs
After months of speculation, it is now official1: PG&E (both the parent, PG&E Corporation, and its subsidiary, Pacific Gas & Electric Company), having faced extraordinary challenges ...
United States
29 Jan 2019
Tax Equity Webinar Q&A
Below are answers to questions we received during our tax equity webinar of October 23. These questions were submitted online during the webinar.
United States
13 Dec 2018
Maryland Energy Administration Adopted New Regulations For Energy Storage System Income Tax Credit Program
In 2017, Maryland, with Governor Larry Hogan's (R) support, became the first state in the country to launch a tax credit program for energy storage systems.
United States
30 Nov 2018
Mexico's Fourth Long-Term Power Auction: An Update On SLP-1/2018
As part of Mexico's Energy Reform, the generation and wholesale of electricity now takes place under a regime of free enterprise and open competition.
31 Aug 2018
FERC Issues Order No. 849 To Force Review Of Pipeline Cost-Based Rates Following Tax Cuts And To Implement Its Policy On Income Tax Treatment
On July 18, 2018, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) adopted Order No. 849 (Order) to force a review of cost-based rates and to implement its Policy on the Treatment of Income Taxes...
United States
2 Aug 2018
Mexico's Hydrocarbons Revenues Law Could See Changes With Bill
Last month, Senator Dolores Padierna Luna of the Workers' Party (PT)—part of the Morena coalition that supports left-leaning presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador—submitted a bill to the Mexican Senate ...
4 Jun 2018
No Violation Is Too Small And No Connection Is Too Attenuated To Escape US OFAC Scrutiny
Another case demonstrates the truly strict liability of US economic sanctions.
United States
23 Feb 2017
LNG Markets Conducive To "Gas To Power" In Africa
Fundamental changes in the international market for liquefied natural gas over the past few years have for the first time made gas to power projects practical in those parts of Africa that do not have a domestic supply of natural gas or access to a natural gas pipeline grid to import natural gas from countries that do
16 Sep 2016
US CFTC Proposes To Restore Private Rights Of Action To Electric Market Participants Against Grid Operators
On May 10, 2016, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued a proposed amendment to its 2013 RTO/ISO Order that would effectively restore private rights of action against grid operators to electric market participants.
United States
17 May 2016
CFTC And SEC Propose That Certain Electric Power Capacity And Natural Gas Peaking Contracts Are Not "Swaps"
The proposed guidance also states that this interpretation is not intended to affect the CFTC's existing interpretation of when an agreement, contract or transaction with embedded volumetric optionality would be considered a forward contract.
United States
14 Apr 2016
US Court Of Appeals Refuses To Apply CAFA's "Local Controversy" Exception, Dismisses Class Claims In Environmental Contamination Case
The Tenth Circuit further agreed that the conclusory and unsubstantiated demonstratives used by the plaintiffs in connection with their first remand motion fell short.
United States
10 Mar 2016
Illinois Court Rules RCRA Does Not Apply To Natural Gas Releases
In Northern Illinois Gas Company v. City of Evanston,1 the Northern District of Illinois held that alleged natural gas leaks from distribution pipelines are not "solid or hazardous waste"...
United States
25 Feb 2016
US SEC Proposes Resource Extraction Issuer Payment Disclosure Rules … Again
The Securities and Exchange Commission has again proposed resource extraction issuer payment disclosure rules.
United States
23 Dec 2015
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