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The Way Towards A Competitive Bidding Process For New Offshore Wind Farms In Belgium
Ten years ago, the first Belgian offshore wind turbines started producing electricity, benefiting from financial support mechanisms
23 Sep 2019
The Energy Performance Contract: A Sustainable Investment To Fast Track Energy Efficiency?
As part of the clean energy for all Europeans' package, Directive 2018/2002 of 11 December 2018 on Energy Efficiency[1] contains an ambitious target of at least a 32.5%
28 Aug 2019
Recent Developments In Belgium Regarding Production And Research Into Cannabis Products
Following the change of mind that is taking place in many jurisdictions around the world, Belgium is gradually taking steps relating to the production and research into cannabis products for medicinal purposes.
9 Apr 2019
Recent REACH Developments
Regulation 1907/2006 concerning the REACH applies to every manufacturer or importer into the EU of chemical substances on their own or in a mixture.
6 Oct 2016
EU General Court Clarifies Notion Of State Resources In 2012 German Renewable Energy Law Case
On 10 May 2016, the General Court of the European Union ("Court") handed down a judgment in a case concerning the German law on renewable energy of 2012.
European Union
16 Jun 2016
European Commission Relieves Deutsche Bahn Of Duty To Meet Commitments Decision Following Market Developments
On 8 April 2016, the Commission announced that it had adopted a decision to relieve Deutsche Bahn of its obligation to comply with a commitments decision made binding on the company in December 2013.
European Union
17 May 2016
EU Court Clarifies The Calculation Of SVHC In Articles And Related Notification Duties
REACH defines "articles" as "an object which during production is given a special shape, surface or design which determines its function to a greater degree than its chemical composition".
European Union
12 Oct 2015
In Situ Guidance Under The BPR And The Case Of Ozone
During its 59th meeting held on 18-20 March 2015, the EU competent authorities (CA) for biocides have adopted the long awaited guidance document on the management of in situ generated active substances...
European Union
7 Oct 2015
VAT Increase On Electricity For Residential Consumption In Belgium
On 23 August 2015 the Belgian government decided to increase the VAT rate on domestic supply of electricity.
22 Sep 2015
Brussels Court Of Appeal Rejects Damages Claim Of NMBS/SNCB Against Electrabel For Abuse Of Dominance
In the framework of the European emission trading system, companies are required to cover all their emissions of greenhouse gasses by emission allowances.
14 Apr 2015
Belgian Competition Authority Finds No Anticompetitive Agreement Between Electricity Suppliers On Cost Of Green Certificates
Green certificates are virtual certificates delivered to producers of green energy.
5 Feb 2015
Des Recours Se Profilent Contre L’appel
Plusieurs acteurs du secteur de l’énergie songent à intenter un recours contre l’appel d’offres pour de nouvelles centrales au gaz du ministre Wathelet.
23 Jan 2014
End Of Year Measures In The Energy Sector (Belgium Federal)
A summary of a substantial set of legislative acts, part of the phenomenon known as the "end of the year" measures.
11 Feb 2013
European Commission Issues Guidelines On State Aid For Emission Trading
On 22 May 2012, the European Commission published its long-awaited Communication setting out guidelines on certain state aid measures.
European Union
19 Jun 2012
Latest Developments In REACH Chemicals Law Bring To Light New Restrictions
On 15 February 2012, the EU’s Official Journal published Commission Regulation 125/2012, which adds eight substances to the REACH chemical Regulation's Annex XIV "authorisation" list. The addition of these eight substances brings the number of substances listed in Annex XIV to 22.
European Union
11 Apr 2012
Study On The Use Of Green Lease Clauses In Europe
In the age of global warming people are increasingly turning their attention to the idea that resources should be used carefully and responsibly.
European Union
20 Mar 2012
Report On REACH Regulation Enforcement Efforts: Overwhelming Number Of Companies Still Failing To Comply
Towards end-2011, the EU's Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement published a Facts Report on the Coordinated Forum REACH Enforcement Project.
European Union
14 Mar 2012
European Union: REACH List Of Hazardous Chemicals To Be Newly Extended, In Turn Triggering Obligations For Articles Suppliers
On 29 August 2011, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published proposals to identify twenty chemicals as "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHCs).
European Union
10 Oct 2011
The Third Energy Package Is Being Implemented In The Flemish Region
On 16 August 2011, the Flemish Decree of 8 July 2011 modifying the Law of 10 March 1925 on the distribution of electricity and the Energy Decree of 8 May 2009, was published in the Belgian Official Journal.
29 Sep 2011
Green Leases In Belgium
For many years, environmental questions have been central societal concerns. Consequently, increasing attention is paid to energy consumption in general.
3 Aug 2011
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