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New Regulatory Requirements On Grid Connection Points May Raise Investment Opportunities
The Government has recently approved Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 ("RDL 15/2018") which, among other important provisions for the electric sector ...
22 Oct 2018
Tax Innovations Introduced By Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 On Urgent Measures For Energy Transition And Consumer Protection
RDL 15/2018, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on 6 October, introduced a series of fiscal measures, the main implications of which are set out below:
17 Oct 2018
Judgment Of The European Court Of Justice Concerning The Exemption From The Mineral Oil Tax Of The Consumption Of Energy Products Used In Cogeneration
On 1 January 2013, Law 15/2012 of 27 December on fiscal measures for energy sustainability came into force.
European Union
28 Sep 2018
The Constitutional Court Dismisses The Question Of Unconstitutionality Raised By The Supreme Court In Relation To The Tax On The Value Of The Production Of Electrical Energy (IVPEE)
On 10 January 2018, the Supreme Court (SC) raised for the second time a question of unconstitutionality in relation to the IVPEE. The SC's doubts regarding this tax were based ...
19 Jul 2018
Admitidos A Trámite Sendos Recursos De Casación Relativos A La Posible Incompatibilidad Entre El Ivpee Y El Iae Y El Is
El Tribunal Supremo ha admitido a trámite dos recursos de casación en los que el tribunal deberá pronunciarse sobre la compatibilidad del IVPEE y el IAE y el IS.
16 Jul 2018
De 26 A 30 Dezembro De 2016 Novidades Legislativas E Regulamentares Mais Significativas
Procede à segunda alteração à Lei n.º 50/2007, de 31 de agosto, alterada pela Lei n.º 30/2015, de 22 de abril, consagrando medidas legislativas que visam reforçar a eficácia do combate à corrupção desportiva.
11 Jan 2017
Firma del Acuerdo entre Fundación Repsol y Clarke, Modet & Cº España
Clarke, Modet & Cº España y Fundación Repsol, han firmado un acuerdo de colaboración para trabajar conjuntamente con los emprendedores, que dentro del Fondo...
29 Sep 2016
Recent Developments In Renewable Energy Claims
Starting in 2013, several investment treaty claims have been filed in the field of renewable energy against several European countries, alleging a breach of the Energy Charter Treaty.
29 Sep 2016
Iberian Lawyer TV: Restructuring And Export Finance Among Growth Areas For Law Firms
Renewables-related restructuring work and trade and export finance matters are creating significant opportunities for law firms, according to Clifford Chance partner José Guardo.
12 Aug 2016
Fideicomisos De Inversión En Energía E Infraestructura
El Servicio de Administración Tributaria publicó en su página de internet la actualización del anteproyecto de la Cuarta Resolución de Modificaciones a la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2015 y sus Anexos 1, 1-A, 3, 7 y 23, a través de la cual, entre otros temas, se introdujo la figura de los fideicomisos de inversión en energía e infraestructura.
2 Oct 2015
Energy Charter Treaty: The umbrella for international arbitration against Spanish energy renewal
Foreign investors have initiated arbitration proceedings against Spain under the protection of the Energy Charter Treaty.
25 Jul 2015
Energy-Related Finance Work Growing - Watson Farley & Williams
With regard to export finance deals, given that they take place in a global, multijurisdictional framework, English law is the most common governing law in such instances.
3 Jun 2015
Spanish Government Modifies The Remuneration Of Existing Renewable Energy Plants
Spanish Royal Decree Law 9/2013 of 12 July was published in the Official Gazette on 13 July, for the adoption of urgent measures to guarantee the financial stability of the country's electricity system.
12 Aug 2013
Renewable Suspension In Spain
The Spanish Government has passed a temporary suspension of financial incentives for new renewable energy projects.
24 May 2012
Temporary Suspension Of Financial Incentives For New Renewable Energy Projects
The Spanish Government has passed a Royal Decree temporarily suspending pre-allocation registration as well as abolishing financial incentives for new energy production projects from cogeneration, renewable energy sources and waste.
20 Feb 2012
The Past And Future Of The Spanish Electrical Market
In the middle of the fifties, the installed electrical power in Spain did not exceed four thousand MW and production was just fourteen-thousand GWh. Since then, the Spanish economy has grown at rates never achieved before.
7 Aug 2007
A New Model for the Electrical Energy Sector
On March 15, 2004, Law Nos. 10,847 and 10,848 were enacted establishing the guidelines for the "New Regulations on the Electrical Energy Sector" (the "New Regulations"). The New Regulations are intended to provide incentives to both private and public entities in order to maintain sufficient output capacity to guarantee electricity supply to the whole of Brazil and at the same time providing reasonable consumer rates through competitive electricity bidding processes.
16 Jun 2004
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