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Liquidators Granted Sanction To Settle Creditor Claim Despite Competing Existing Proprietary Claim
Anthony Smellie QC has provided some welcome guidance concerning the basis on which sanction might be granted to liquidators to compromise a creditor claim when faced with a competing proprietary claim over the same assets.
Cayman Islands
9 Oct 2019
Update In Respect Of Cayman Islands Economic Substance Requirements (August 2019)
The outcome is positive, with the Cayman Islands' legislative framework for economic substance judged to be in line with OECD standards.
Cayman Islands
6 Aug 2019
Bermuda Government Proposes Legislative Amendment To Exempt Non-Tax Resident From Economic Substance Requirements
Non-resident entities will be required to provide sufficient evidence to the Registrar of Companies to support their tax residence in a jurisdiction outside Bermuda.
27 Jun 2019
Update In Respect Of Cayman Islands Economic Substance Requirements
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation ("DITC") has issued an industry advisory regarding developments in relation to economic substance requirements.
Cayman Islands
25 Jun 2019
European Union Confirms Bermuda Is A Cooperative Jurisdiction For Tax Purposes
Bermuda's economic substance legislation is currently in force and Walkers Bermuda is available to discuss the implications of the requirements in more detail.
21 May 2019
Walkers Guide To Setting Up A Cayman Islands Cryptocurrency Or Blockchain Fund
Once the investment strategy has been determined, and there is the necessary interest from investors, the decision needs to be made on the most optimal way to structure the fund.
Cayman Islands
1 Apr 2019
Economic Substance Update
The European Union has announced that, with effect from 12 March 2019, Bermuda has been added to the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes.
Cayman Islands
27 Mar 2019
Economic Substance: Changes To Bermuda Investment Funds Act
In December 2017, and as part of its ongoing commitment to assist the EU in combatting harmful tax practices Bermuda joined a group of international financial centres committed
21 Jan 2019
Economic Substance Legislation Tabled In Bermuda
Continuing its ongoing commitment to the development and maintenance of the very highest standards of economic and financial propriety.
18 Dec 2018
Governing Investment Funds: The Latest Trends
In the current market environment, alternative investment funds are trying to find new ways to attract capital ...
Cayman Islands
8 Nov 2018
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Alternative Investment Funds 2017
Taylors' Partners Jonathan Betts and Ariane West have teamed up with Global Legal Group to provide a detailed legal guide on the Bermuda alternative investment fund industry.
21 Jun 2017
Ingrid Pierce Talks Hedge Funds In Opalesque Cayman Roundtable
With about 1,230 new CIMA fund registrations in 2016, the Cayman Islands remain the undisputed leader in offshore funds.
Cayman Islands
27 Feb 2017
What It Takes To Qualify As An Advocate In Jersey With Walkers
If you ever meet a Jersey Advocate you should be impressed. For most, finally qualifying is the culmination of nearly two years hard work requiring attendance at a number of intensive study and revision weekends for each subject.
5 Aug 2015
Provision Of Investment Management And/Or Administration Services To Mutual Funds
The object of this memorandum is to provide clients of Walkers with general information on the approval process under the Mutual Funds Act, 1996 (the "Act") (as amended) in relation to an application for a licence to provide management and/or administration services to a mutual fund.
British Virgin Islands
30 Apr 2009
Redemption Of Shares - Strategic Turnaround Master Partnership
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal (the "Court") recently delivered a judgment (the "Judgment") in the case of In re Strategic Turnaround Master Partnership, Limited.
Cayman Islands
30 Dec 2008
VISTA Trust Summary - 17th November, 2008
The trust has always been regarded as one of the best "succession vehicles," but its use to cater for the succession of shares in companies has historically been impeded by a rule of English trust law (the "prudent man of business rule") which is designed to help preserve the value of trust investments.
British Virgin Islands
1 Dec 2008
Expert Funds In Jersey
Jersey has always been a very attractive jurisdiction for the establishment of collective investment funds for a variety of reasons.
26 Oct 2008
Investment Funds In Jersey - An Overview
This briefing is intended to provide a general overview of some of the factors to be considered by promoters and onshore counsel looking at Jersey as an investment fund domicile.
23 Oct 2008
Restricted Investment Manager
The object of this memorandum is to provide clients of Walkers with general information on the approval process under the Mutual Funds Act, 1996 (the "Act") in relation to an application for a restricted manager's license to provide management or administration services to a mutual fund.
British Virgin Islands
13 Oct 2008
Securities Investment Business Law
The Securities Investment Business Law (the "Law") came into effect on 22 July 2003 was consolidated and revised in 2004 and was passed in order to regulate the business of securities investment in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
13 Oct 2008
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