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The New "SPIC 2.0" Mechanism Becomes Law
The legislation that had previously regulated this area has been significantly revamped, and investors planning to conclude a SPIC would do well to keep in mind the following main changes:
Russian Federation
9 Sep 2019
New Powers For Russia's Ministry Of Industry And Trade
A reservation taking these powers away from Minselkhoz will also be incorporated into the Regulation on the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.
Russian Federation
5 Oct 2018
Dentons Laws Of Fashion
Russian Government Resolution No. 7871, which provides for mandatory labeling of fur products with control tags, was adopted in 2016 to implement the Agreement made by EAEU member states..
Russian Federation
28 Feb 2018
Top-10 Frameworks You Have To Know To Develop Successful Strategy
Every company develops one at least twice in its life time. We are talking about strategy - an instrument that is crucial for defining how a company will achieve its long- or medium-term goals.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2017
Konstantin Kroll Discusses Trends In The Russian Market
Konstantin Kroll, a partner in Orrick's Corporate team in Moscow, spoke with Business Russia about Orrick's Moscow practice and trends in the Russian market.
Russian Federation
3 Jul 2017
Russian Property Investments Abroad Halved In 2015
The brutal ruble devaluation and economic recession in the Russian Federation are the main reasons behind this steep drop off in overseas property activity.
Russian Federation
14 Apr 2016
Changes In Real Estate Legislation, Q2 2015
Overview of the most important changes for the second quarter of 2015 in Russian real estate legislation.
Russian Federation
21 Aug 2015
Legal Aspects Of Doing Business In Skolkovo And/Or St.Petersburg SEZ
The Skolkovo Law sets out the requirements which an applicant must satisfy in order to obtain Skolkovo member status.
Russian Federation
15 Apr 2014
Russia - What’s All The Fuss About?
There have been many references to investing in Russia in the financial press recently.
Russian Federation
18 Dec 2012
50 Shades Of Grain
With agricultural commodity prices rising as drought reduces crops in the United States and Eastern Europe, the grain market is eyeing the possibility of Russian export restrictions.
Russian Federation
10 Oct 2012
Legislative Initiatives In The Regulation Of Construction SROs
From 1 January 2009 the state system of licensing in construction, engineering surveys, preparation of design documentation, reconstruction and capital repair of capital structures was replaced with a self-regulating system.
Russian Federation
14 Jun 2012
Recent Developments Of Russian Law
The articles in this Newsletter address the recent changes or proposed changes in Russian legislation that may have a significant impact on the way Russian companies are audited, distribute their profits and deal with situations where the amount of a company charter capital needs to be reduced.
Russian Federation
10 Feb 2011
Business In Russia For Asian Investors
Russia has been continuously enjoying good macroeconomic conditions, and many opportunities lie within reach of domestic and foreign investors.
Russian Federation
17 Dec 2008
Russian Capital Markets Introduce A New Financial Instrument
In 2007, the Russian security market brought in a new financial instrument, Russian Depositary Receipts (RDRs), intended to attract investment.
Russian Federation
25 Nov 2008
Public Private Partnerships In Russia: An Overview
Russia's need to improve its infrastructure has led to a concerted move to embrace Public Private Partnerships.
Russian Federation
21 Nov 2008
New Antimonopoly Law Changes Criteria For Filings
This fall will see the entry into force of new antimonopoly legislation which will affect both Russian and foreign companies alike and eliminate many gaps and uncertainties that exist under the current regulatory framework
Russian Federation
19 Sep 2006
The United States Is Missing Out On The Russian Evolution
In July, world attention focused on Russia, as the Group of Eight summit convened in St. Petersburg. Russia was invited to join the G8 in 1998 both to recognize and to encourage its transformation to a market-based democracy. It’s been 16 years since the Russian Federation formally declared its independence from the Soviet Union.
Russian Federation
14 Sep 2006
New in Investment Legislation. Review of the Main Provisions of the Federal Law "On Concession Agreements"
Attracting additional private investments to the Russian economy and ensuring that state property is used effectively are the two main tasks to be solved at the current stage of the economic reforms being implemented in the country.
Russian Federation
9 Feb 2006
Russian Federation Legislation on Real Estate: Review of Amendments
At the end of 2004, the Russian Federation State Duma adopted a complex of new regulatory acts in the sphere of real estate legislation, which, consequently, has been significantly changed and supplemented.
Russian Federation
11 Oct 2005
Constitutional Court Case Law Update
On April 8 2004 the Constitutional Court held in Ruling 169-O that a company is allowed to reclaim value added tax (VAT) from the government only if the purchased goods or services were paid for with the company's own funds, as opposed to borrowings.
Russian Federation
29 Sep 2005
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