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Vers une révision du règlement (CE) n°924/2009 du 16 septembre 2009 concernant les paiements transfrontaliers dans l'Union
Le SEPA n'est pas seulement l'Europe des services de paiement que nous connaissons avec les DSP 1 et 2. C'est aussi l'Europe des instruments de paiement (le règlement dit "end date"
European Union
17 May 2019
Certain Financing Considerations When Investing In Ground Leased Or Net Leased Real Estate
This note briefly looks at an issue that continually arises in connection with the financing of ground leases (as well as long-term triple net leases generally), of which any real estate fund...
United States
2 Mar 2018
Funds Talk: October 2017
SEC Issues Risk Alert Regarding Advertising Rule Compliance Based on Recent OCIE Examinations
United States
11 Oct 2017
FINRA Expands Margin Rules For Mortgage-Backed Securities Transactions
FINRA has introduced an expansion of Rule 4210 (the Rule), effective Dec. 15, 2017, importing margin concepts into the world of mortgage-backed transactions.
United States
5 Jun 2017
Banking, Finance & Insurance Letter - Octobre-Novembre 2016
Le 10 novembre 2016, l'ESMA a publié son avis technique pour la Commission sur le règlement (UE) 2016/1011 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 8 juin 2016 sur les indices financiers de référence...
13 Dec 2016
Compelling Redemption Of Notes With A Make-Whole Premium As A Remedy For Breach
For the moment, issuers, noteholders and trustees are advised to take heed of the additional remedial optionality being offered by Cash America.
United States
25 Oct 2016
Curing Ambiguities And Defects Without Noteholder Vote: Not So Fast
A recent decision in New York State Appellate Court demonstrates what can go wrong when an issuer attempts to correct what it asserts to be an ambiguity or defect in an indenture without a noteholder vote.
United States
10 Oct 2016
Loan Funds Preparing For SEC Liquidity Rules
Managers of loan mutual funds are preparing for the release of final rules from the SEC that seek to improve the liquidity risk management of mutual funds and ETF.
United States
23 Sep 2016
LSTA Imposes New Rules For Par Trades In The Secondary Bank Loan Market (August 30, 2016)
The Loan Syndications and Trading Association ("LSTA") will implement new rules that govern whether a party is entitled to receive delayed compensation.
United States
31 Aug 2016
When Does An MFN Interest Rate Increase Trigger Cancellation Of Debt Income?
A change in interest rate is a significant debt modification if it varies the annual yield on the loan by more than the greater of (x) 25 basis points and (y) 5% of the annual yield on the loan.
United States
23 Aug 2016
The First Quarter SNC Review Results: Debunking Misconceptions Regarding The Leveraged Lending Guidance
This alert lays out the more prominent misconceptions regarding the Leveraged Lending Guidance, and how the guidance is actually being applied by the Regulators.
United States
8 Aug 2016
Risk Retention Regulations Prompt Rise Of Majority-Owned Affiliate Funds
Recently imposed U.S. rules outlining risk retention requirements for residential mortgage-backed securities ("RMBS") transactions that came into effect late last year and other asset classes...
United States
8 Jun 2016
Quand Le Statut De L'iobsp Se Dédouble, À L'occasion De La Réforme Du Crédit Immobilier
Pierre Storrer wrote an article that appeared in the May 2016 issue of the French publication Revue Banque.
United States
19 May 2016
CFPB Cautions Industry On Private Mortgage Insurance Termination
Prior to Dodd-Frank, the HPA was enforced by a patchwork of federal regulators depending on the regulatory status of individual institutions.
United States
4 Sep 2015
Supreme Court Closes Door to Foreign-Cubed Securities Lawsuits in U.S. Courts
In a significant, recent ruling, the Supreme Court held in Morrison v. National Australia Bank, Ltd.1 that the U.S. securities laws do not extend to so-called "foreign-cubed" securities lawsuits.
United States
18 Aug 2010
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