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This Week's Florida Appeals: Week Of December 10 - 14, 2018
U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
United States
20 Dec 2018
U.S. Immigration Policy And Procedural Changes Impacting Foreign Students (Video)
This presentation is a three-part series on the procedural and policy changes issued by the various U.S. agencies governing legal immigration ...
United States
19 Dec 2018
This Week's Florida Appeals: Weeks Of November 19 - 30, 2018
This Week's Florida Appeals: Weeks Of November 19 - 30, 2018
United States
4 Dec 2018
Three Takeaways From The DOL's New Labor Condition Application Form
Effective Nov. 19, U.S. employers seeking to file H-1B, H-1B1 and E-3 petitions (extension, new or amendment) must use the new ETA 9035 form, the legally required Labor Condition Application (LCA).
United States
23 Nov 2018
Policy And Practice Changes Impact The O-1 Visa
There are two O-1 visa classifications, O-1A and O-1B.
United States
14 Nov 2018
All Hope Is Not Lost: Raising A New Argument On Appeal
our client has brought you an appeal, and you quickly spot what looks like a winning argument. Unfortunately, it was never raised or argued below.
United States
31 Oct 2018
Florida Appeals Court Decisions: Week of September 24 - 28, 2018
Florida Appeals Court Decisions: Week of September 24 - 28, 2018
United States
1 Oct 2018
Employers Must Plan Ahead To Mitigate H-1B Visa Processing Delays
The USCIS and U.S. consular officers are issuing more requests for further evidence (RFEs) and requests for further information (RFIs) in connection with these visa petitions.
United States
9 Apr 2018
Considerations For Foreign Travelers To The U.S. Under The New Administration
Travel to the United States, with its new immigration enforcement-minded administration, will require foreign travelers to be even more aware of the rules governing border protection...
United States
23 Mar 2017
Post-Election Update On Cuba
Prior to President Trump's inauguration, and in an effort to continue normalizing U.S.-Cuba relations, President Obama ended the "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy which since 1995 has granted Cubans....
United States
22 Mar 2017
As Of January 22, Employers Must Use New I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
Beginning January 22, employers must only use the new I-9 Form dated November 14, 2016, which replaces the form dated March 8, 2013.
United States
27 Jan 2017
What Will U.S. Business Immigration Look Like Under A Trump Administration?
The information on this website is presented as a service for our clients and Internet users and is not intended to be legal advice, nor should you consider it as such.
United States
19 Nov 2016
The Potential Impact Of A Trump Presidency On Employers
Based on promises made during the campaign, it appears employers may expect changes in the government's approach to workplace regulation.
United States
16 Nov 2016
2018 Diversity Visa Lottery Program: Cuba, Ecuador, And Guatemala Eligible To Register
For the 26th year, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has issued registration instructions for the annual Diversity Visa (DV) lottery.
United States
26 Sep 2016
U.S. Immigration Proposes Solution For International Entrepreneurs
Current visa options limit the ability of foreign national entrepreneurs to start and grow companies in the United States.
United States
9 Sep 2016
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