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Льгота по НДС при ввозе воздушных судов
30 сентября 2019 г. Президент РФ подписал закон
Russian Federation
9 Oct 2019
Развитие судебной практики по вопросам
19 сентября 2019 года Арбитражный суд Оренбургской области вынес решение № А47-14439/2018 по делу Оi
Russian Federation
4 Oct 2019
Развитие судебной практики по вопросам
19 августа 2019 года Арбитражный суд Республики Саха (Якутия) вынес решение № А58-6687/2019 по делу А
Russian Federation
2 Sep 2019
Development Of Court Practice In Invoicing Disputes
18 июля 2019 года Арбитражный суд города М
Russian Federation
29 Jul 2019
Development Of Court Practice On The Application Of Transfer Pricing Rules As A Tax Base Calculator (Russian)
24.06.2019 Арбитражный суд Омской области вынес решение по делу общества с ограниченной от&#
Russian Federation
25 Jul 2019
Non-Electronic Services By E-Services Providers: VAT Payment Procedure
This is directly prescribed by article 174.2 of the RTC.
Russian Federation
11 Dec 2018
Implementation Of Tax Free System In Russia
On 16 November 2017 the State Duma adopted in the final, third reading a law introducing a tax free system in Russia.
Russian Federation
28 Nov 2017
Change In The Procedure Of VAT Taxation Of E-Services Provided By Foreign Companies
The major part of the new law's provisions entered into force on 1 January 2017.
Russian Federation
16 Mar 2017
Registration With The RF Tax Authorities Aimed At Payment Of VAT By Foreign E Services Providers
Dentons' Russia Tax practice would like to remind readers that, starting 1 January 2017, foreign companies providing e-services are required to undergo special tax registration according to...
Russian Federation
20 Jan 2017
Development Of The Practice Of Determining Market Price For Tax Purposes In Arm's-Length Transactions
On 1 August 2016 the Commercial Court of the Republic of Tatarstan delivered a decision in case No. А65-2248/2016 under the claim of A1-Nedvizhimost Limited Liability Company.
Russian Federation
14 Oct 2016
Court Practice On Applying The Customs Procedure Of Outward Processing
On 28 July 2015 the Commercial Court of Moscow rendered a decision in case No. А40-102787/2016-33-887 under the claim of Sodruzhestvo LLC against the Central Excise Customs Authority...
Russian Federation
25 Aug 2016
Import Of Raw Materials And Components For Manufacturing Of Medical Devices Exempted From VAT
Federal Law No. 225-FZ on Amendments to Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation dated 30 June 2016 enters into force on 1 August 2016.
Russian Federation
19 Jul 2016
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