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Развитие судебной практики по вопросам
11 сентября 2019 года ООО «Кур
Russian Federation
9 Oct 2019
Развитие судебной практики по вопросам
19 сентября 2019 года Арбитражный суд Оренбургской области вынес решение № А47-14439/2018 по делу Оi
Russian Federation
4 Oct 2019
The Development Of Judicial Practice On The Re-Qualification Of Relations Between The Parties Under A Supply Agreement In An Interest-Free Loan
26.07.2019 Арбитражный суд Тульской области вынес решение по делу ООО «Сфера» (далее – «Обществ
Russian Federation
19 Aug 2019
Development Of Judicial Practice On The Formation Of Expenses Of Permanent Missions Of Foreign Organizations For The Purposes Of Calculating The Russian Income Tax
Арбитражный суд города Москвы вынес решение по делу финской компании «Эрих Краузе
Russian Federation
26 Jul 2019
Russian Federation
14 Jul 2017
Changes In The IP BOX Regime In Cyprus
On 4 November 2016 the House of Representatives of Cyprus approved changes to the existing preferential tax treatment of income from the exploitation and/or sale of intellectual property (IP BOX).
16 Mar 2017
Practice Of Applying The Beneficial Owner Concept Develops Rapidly.
2016 was marked by a breakthrough in the practice of applying the concept of the person beneficially entitled to income (the beneficial owner concept)...
Russian Federation
16 Mar 2017
Application Of The Concept Of The Person Beneficially Entitled To (Beneficial Owner Of) Income
Dentons' Russia Tax practice would like to remind that, starting from 1 January 2017, the procedure for confirming entitlement to tax benefits under relevant double tax treaties when paying income to foreign companies from the Russian Federation has changed.
Russian Federation
31 Jan 2017
Complying With Legal Requirements On Controlled Foreign Corporations
Foreign legal entities whose personal law provides for equity interest are deemed controlled foreign corporations of Russian tax residents provided at least one of the following conditions is met...
Russian Federation
18 Jan 2017
Development Of The Practice On Assessing Of Withholding Tax On Interest Income (Coupon Yield) Payable By A Russian Company For Eurobonds Purchased On The Secondary Market
On 29 June 2016 the Commercial Court of Moscow rendered a decision in the case No. А40-178650/15-75-1487 under the application of Gazprombank JSC (the "Bank").
United States
2 Aug 2016
Development Of The Practice Of Charging The Person Beneficially Entitled To Income Additional Tax When Income Is Paid To Foreign Companies (Application Of The "Beneficial Owner" Concept)
On 11 July 2016 the Commercial Court of Moscow rendered a decision in case No. А40-442/15-39-2 under the claim of Credit Europe Bank CJSC (the "Bank").
Russian Federation
22 Jul 2016
Development Of Court Practice On Tax Disputes Over Compensation Payments To Employees Due To Company Relocation
On 17 June 2016 the Commercial Court of Moscow rendered a decision on the Gazprom Neft OJSC case, No. А40-2476/16-108-19 (the "Decision").
Russian Federation
13 Jul 2016
New Amendments To The "CFC Rules" Adopted
On February 15, 2016 the President of the Russian Federation signed Federal Law No. 32-FZ on Amendments to Parts One and Two of the Russian Federation Tax Code.
Russian Federation
19 Feb 2016
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