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Property Law, Protecting The Citizens
Real estate is an essential part of UAE, and the government takes several steps to provide legislation that protects the individuals and parties investing in the property of UAE.
United Arab Emirates
24 Oct 2019
Overview: Lease Regulations In The United Arab Emirates
Tenancy law is a fundamental regulatory framework that systemizes the relationship between tenants and owners. It defines the obligations, risks, and procedural requirements to deal with disputes.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2019
Abu Dhabi Real Estate Sector Regulation Amendments
Real estate is a serious and considerably substantial part of the UAE's economy, and while it is not the biggest, it is certainly up there
United Arab Emirates
3 May 2019
UK Tenancy Regulation Amendment For Eviction
Renting property is a crucial and important part of a considerable number of people's lives. In the UK, just under 40% of people rent at this point in time, though only around 20% rent privately.
1 May 2019
Abu Dhabi Regulation On Subletting And Overcrowding
Living in the UAE is a story of two halves. On the one hand, there is the high life which is known around the world.
United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 2019
Wales To Introduce Regulation Banning Fees From Landlords
Rent is a critical part of many people's lives. It is one of the most significant monthly expenditures, and while the UK has a decent proportion ...
9 Apr 2019
UK Tenants Soon Able To Take Landlord To Court For Lack Of Maintenance
Property rental in the UK is a growing area with around 20% of people renting a house.
United Arab Emirates
15 Feb 2019
Difference Between Leasing And Licensing In Global Context
In the United Arab Emirates, there are stringent requirements for leasing… if only there was another way.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jan 2019
Rent Defaulter Can Be Evicted Without Notice – Abu Dhabi
As per the new resolution issued by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department,
United Arab Emirates
23 Oct 2018
Unified Contract To Start Being Used In The Last Quarter Of 2018
There has been an electronic rental project launched in Saudi Arabia to facilitate rental agreements for both residential and commercial rentals. The idea behind this new platform...
Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 2018
Tenancy Law Of Abu Dhabi And Its Amendments - January 2018
Tenancy Law is one of the most important aspects of societies' life by means of which individuals' rights and duties are determined. Besides, it also sets guiding principle for interactions among individuals...
United Arab Emirates
12 Jan 2018
Sharjah Rental Law - To Change Or Not To Change?
The Landlord is legally obligated to carry out each and all necessary maintenance of the premises.
United Arab Emirates
12 Dec 2017
Tenancy Law Of Abu Dhabi And Its Amendments
Tenancy Law is one of the most important aspects of societies' life by means of which individuals' rights and duties are determined.
United Arab Emirates
18 Aug 2016
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