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Claimants Need Not Record Complaints To Enforce Lien Dissolution Bonds Under
In a recent decision, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (SJC) has held that a contractor seeking to enforce a lien dissolution bond under G.L. c. 254 § 14 need not record an attested to copy of its complaint with the Registry of Deeds.
United States
13 Jun 2019
5Pointz And The Visual Artists Rights Act Of 1990
A recent article I co-authored and published in the New York Law Journal recaps and highlights the key takeaways in the federal district court's decision in Cohen v. G&M Realty L.P....
United States
4 Jun 2018
Optimizing Data Centers To Meet The Needs Of Cryptocurrency Miners
Data centers are the twenty-first century nexus between the commercial real estate and telecommunication business sectors.
United States
19 Apr 2018
How Do You Like Them Apples? PACA And Your Property
Enacted by Congress in 1930 and revised in 1984, the Perishable Agriculture Commodities Act (PACA) protects sellers of perishable agricultural commodities, defined as ...
United States
6 Apr 2018
Cities And Developers Must Prepare For Climate Change Now
In the wake of federal cuts, local governments and developers need to be proactive in addressing climate resiliency.
United States
28 Mar 2018
The Rise Of Short-Term Apartment Rentals: Concerns And Opportunities For Multifamily Owners
Previously on this blog, my colleagues posed the question to commercial landlords, "Do you know who's working in your building?"
United States
20 Mar 2018
Massachusetts Appeals Court Holds That Restrictive Covenants Created As Part Of A Common Scheme May Be Extended Beyond Thirty Years Only If Explicitly Allowed In The Original Instrument
On December 5, 2017, the Massachusetts Appeals Court issued an important decision in Berger v. 2 Wyndcliff, LLC, No. 16-P-336 (Mass. App. Ct. Dec. 5, 2017), clarifying the extent ...
United States
11 Dec 2017
Proposed U.S. Tax Reform May Impact Investments In U.S. Real Estate
Last week, the long-awaited proposed bill for a comprehensive reform of the U.S. tax code (the "Proposed Tax Reform") was finally released.
United States
9 Nov 2017
FTC's First Test Of Supreme Court's North Carolina Dental Precedent In New Case Against Real Estate Appraisal Board
Even with a reduced lineup of only two commissioners — the Republican Acting Chair and one Democratic Commissioner — the FTC filed an administrative complaint this week against the...
United States
9 Jun 2017
Sale-Leasebacks: Cash Out But Keep Control
Companies that purchase or ground-lease and develop property for their own use may want to consider monetizing those real estate assets through sale-leaseback.
United States
24 Feb 2017
California Update: Amended Civil Code Section 1938 And New CASp Obligations For Commercial Landlords
Last September, Governor Brown signed California Assembly Bill 2093 ("AB 2093") which amended California Civil Code Section 1938 and created new obligations for commercial landlords.
United States
8 Feb 2017
The Rise Of Shared Work Spaces: Tips For The Unwary
The co-working model likely owes its meteoric rise to a shift in the workforce landscape at home and abroad.
United States
13 Dec 2016
Droning Along: What Commercial Real Estate Property Owners Should Consider In The Drone Age
Drone use in the real estate industry has exploded in recent months. The utility of drones in sales, marketing, construction, surveying, and inspection of real property is undeniable.
United States
16 Nov 2016
Tenant Exclusives: Rogue Tenants, Enforcement, And More
Recently, Law360 published our colleague Andrew A. Dean's follow up to his previous article, "Negotiating Exclusive Use Provisions in Retail Leases."
United States
14 Nov 2016
First Circuit Affirms US Park Service Designation Of Long Wharf Pavilion Area For Public Recreational Use
On September 23, 2016, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit concluded that, "for now, at least, the long war over Long Wharf is at an end."
United States
6 Oct 2016
Developers Who Elect Not To Pay Comprehensive Permit Fees In Full Proceed At Their Peril
The Massachusetts Appeals Court issued an opinion that has significant ramifications for developers seeking Comprehensive Permits for affordable housing projects under chapter 40B...
United States
20 Sep 2016
Educational Institutions Targeted In Fraudulent Payment Requests
Educational institutions should be aware of fraudulent request for payments from vendors.
United States
1 Sep 2016
Senate Passes Bill Requiring Labeling For Genetically Engineered Foods
Unlike Roberts's original bill, he and Stabenow's version would mandate the labeling of food with genetically engineered ingredients.
United States
13 Jul 2016
USDA Increases Cane Sugar Imports To Meet Demand For Non-GE Products
On May 17, 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it is allowing an additional 200,000 short tons of cane sugar imports to meet food manufacturers' increasing demand for non-genetically modified sugar products.
United States
26 May 2016
Good News On "Bad Boy" Guarantees; IRS Reverts To Prior Position In Recent Legal Advice Memorandum (ML Tax And Real Estate Alert)
On April 15, 2016, the IRS released a memorandum addressing the impact of so-called "bad boy" guarantees on the characterization of underlying partnership debt as recourse vs. nonrecourse under Section 752 of the Internal Revenue Code.
United States
26 May 2016
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