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Disconnected: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act At 25 Years Old
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has become fertile ground for plaintiffs seeking to use the prospect of aggregated statutory damages to extract sizable settlements.
United States
1 Apr 2016
US Federal Communications Commission's Recent Order Expands Potential Liability Under The Telephone Consumer Protection Act For Business-To-Customer Calls And Text Messages
"This Order will make abuse of the TCPA much, much easier. And the primary beneficiaries will be trial lawyers, not the American public."
United States
24 Jul 2015
With New Net Neutrality Rules, FCC Asserts Sweeping Jurisdiction Over Broadband Internet Access Services
On March 12, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC" or "the Commission") released its Open Internet Order ("Order") and rules.
United States
18 Mar 2015
FCC Willing To Exempt Certain Free-To-The-End-User Texts From The Telephone Consumer Protection Act
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA"), generally prohibits automated calls to mobile devices without the prior express consent of the called party.
United States
1 May 2014
FCC Begins Process To Review Rules For In-Flight Wireless Services
On December 12, the Federal Communications Commission officially launched its proceeding to consider a proposal that would permit airlines to install equipment on aircraft that could expand the availability of in-flight wireless services to passengers.
United States
19 Dec 2013
FCC Clarifies Intent To Review Foreign Investment In Broadcast Licenses—Effect On As Yet Unscheduled Incentive Auction Unclear
On Thursday, November 14, the US Federal Communication Commission issued a declaratory ruling that is intended to ease the way for foreign investment in the US broadcast sector.
United States
18 Nov 2013
FCC Addresses Vicarious-Liability Standards Under Telephone Consumer Protection Act
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a declaratory ruling regarding the standards for vicarious liability under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
United States
22 May 2013
FCC Modernizes Foreign Ownership Review Policies And Procedures For Wireless Telecommunications Licensees; Seeks Comment On Similar Relief For Broadcast Licensees
Over the past eight months, the Federal Communications Commission has issued two decisions that modernize and streamline its foreign investment policies for certain radio licensees.
United States
21 May 2013
New Proposal to Reclassify Broadband Services as Telecommunications Services Issued by US Federal Communications Commission
On May 6, 2010, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski issued a proposal in response to the US District Court for the District of Columbia’s April 6, 2010, rejection of the FCC’s assertions of authority to impose network management rules on broadband providers ("Comcast Corp. v. FCC", No. 08-1291 (D.C. Cir. Apr. 6, 2010)).
United States
12 May 2010
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