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Class Certification Denied In ‘Junk Fax' Case In Electronic Age
On September 5, Judge Dlott (Southern District of Ohio) denied plaintiff's motion for class certification in a case involving the "junk fax" ...
United States
3 Oct 2018
23 Attorneys General Challenge FCC Ruling On Net Neutrality
On June 11, the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order, and Order, 33 FCC Rcd. 311 (2018) (the "Order") took effect.
United States
5 Sep 2018
The Sentinel Strike: The Hartford's Gift To New York Insurers In The War To Stop Policyholder Experts From Claiming Ambiguities Exist In Clear Policy Exclusions
In this age of exponentially increasing technology, we can rely on one certainty in property casualty jurisprudence – that is, bold policyholder assertions supported by even bolder "expert" opinions.
United States
28 Aug 2018
Seventh Circuit Approves Cy Pres Settlement
We previously reported on the uncertainty of cy pres settlements in class action lawsuits. Although the Supreme Court granted cert on the issue, the Seventh Circuit weighed in during the interim ...
United States
24 Aug 2018
California Court Grants § 1782(a) Application Seeking Subscriber Identity For Facebook Page Following Amendment Of Application
Hoteles City Express sought an order granting it permission to issue a subpoena to obtain documents from non-party Facebook, Inc. to show the subscriber identity for a Facebook page allegedly
United States
20 Aug 2018
Eleventh Circuit Finds Defendant Can't Use Unsigned Consent To Receive Text Messages To Compel Arbitration Of TCPA Claim
Hope Gamble sued New England Auto Finance, Inc. (NEAF) in federal court under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
United States
2 Jul 2018
Supreme Court Rules Government Must Obtain Search Warrant For Mobile Phone Location Data
In a decision highly-anticipated by the telecommunications industry, law enforcement, and privacy advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court today issued a 5-4 ruling that the government generally cannot obtain mobile phone location information without a warrant.
United States
27 Jun 2018
Eleventh Circuit Finds Defendant Can't Use Unsigned Consent To Receive Text Messages To Compel Arbitration Of TCPA Claim
Hope Gamble sued New England Auto Finance, Inc. in federal court under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
United States
27 Jun 2018
Case Alleging That Barnes & Noble Wrongfully Shared Customer Information With Facebook Ordered To Arbitration
Plaintiff filed a class action against Barnes & Noble in the Southern District of New York, alleging that it violated her privacy by sharing information about her purchases with Facebook.
United States
6 Apr 2018
Food For Thought: Starbucks Defeats Icy Class Action
This decision comes on the heels of another proposed class action that Starbucks defeated in January
United States
28 Mar 2018
Robust Transparency Requirements For Broadband Providers After FCC Vote
On December 14, the FCC voted to repeal the net neutrality regulations brought about by the 2015 Open Internet Order.
United States
19 Dec 2017
Ninth Circuit Confirms Privacy Exclusion Bars TCPA Claims
Claims under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) present numerous issues for insurance companies and policyholders. Because TCPA claims lend themselves to class action suits, the potential exposure can be significant.
United States
7 Nov 2017
Ninth Circuit Says Plaintiff Might Get Fooled Again
Last week the Ninth Circuit reopened a key avenue in consumer false advertising class actions – injunctive relief. A growing number of trial courts had dismissed those claims, reasoning that plaintiffs...
United States
26 Oct 2017
Still Standing: Ninth Circuit Again Finds Standing in Spokeo Remand
The Ninth Circuit recently issued its latest opinion in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, the closely-watched putative class action dating back to 2010.
United States
1 Sep 2017
Telecom Carriers To Block Spoofed Calls From Reaching Consumers
The Commission will determine the specific objective criteria on which the carriers will be able to rely in blocking calls on behalf of their customers.
United States
31 Aug 2017
Telecom Carriers To Block Spoofed Calls From Ever Reaching Consumers
On August 3, the FCC proposed a $82 million fine against a company and its individual owner/operator for making millions of illegally spoofed "robocalls" to consumers across the country.
United States
30 Aug 2017
FCC Focuses On Consumer Protection From Robocalling And TCPA Violations
The FCC has issued a notice of inquiry seeking comment on possible approaches for carriers to report phone number reassignments to an accessible database.
United States
31 Jul 2017
Your Apps May Be Selling You Out
While most people are vaguely aware, even if they are in denial, that their browsers give advertisers access to their search histories, they are probably unaware that information is being sold...
United States
20 Jul 2017
You Gotta Serve Somebody, But You Gotta Do So Correctly: Preserving Sanctions Motions
That created the potential for discretionary jurisdiction in the Florida Supreme Court, upon the resolution of Appellant's motion for rehearing.
United States
12 Jul 2017
Game Over – SCOTUS Holds A Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice Is Not A Viable Means To Appeal A Denial Of Class Certification
A group of plaintiffs hoped to hit the reset button on the Ninth Circuit's denial of their Rule 23(f) petition to appeal from an order striking class allegations in their case against Microsoft.
United States
29 Jun 2017
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