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What's In A Claim? The Art Of Constructing Arbitration Clauses
In an unreported judgment of the Civil Division of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands dated 26 August 2019, Mrs Justice Mangatal has provided some helpful clarification.
Cayman Islands
3 Sep 2019
Guidance From The Grand Court: Payments On Account Of Costs, Damages And Costs In Anti-Suit Cases
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, per Kawaley J, has handed down an important decision in respect of the recovery of costs and damages pertaining to an anti-suit injunction
Cayman Islands
22 Aug 2019
Beddoe Applications: What Happens If A Trustee Forgets To Apply?
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands and the High Court in England and Wales have recently considered two unusual applications for Beddoe relief respectively: an application by a trustee for retrospective Beddoe relief...
15 Aug 2019
Beddoe Applications: Beddoe Relief For Appeals
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands and the High Court in England and Wales have recently considered two unusual applications for Beddoe relief: an application by a trustee for retrospective Beddoe relief after the conclusion of proceedings, and an application for a trustee for Beddoe relief in respect of bringing...
15 Aug 2019
BVI Court Provides Welcome Clarification On Appointing Receivers
Walkers successfully represented the appellant in a recent BVI appeal, in which the Court of Appeal overturned the decision to appoint a receiver over a BVI company owned by the appellant.
Cayman Islands
15 Aug 2019
New Judgment Clarifies Use Of Tech In E-Discovery Exercises In Jersey
For more than two years, parties to litigation in Jersey have been required to make "appropriate use of technology" to minimise the costs of e-discovery – now, for the first time since the introduction of a Royal Court...
8 Aug 2019
Sharpening The Blue Pencil: The UK Supreme Court Clarifies The Law Of Restrictive Covenants
Restrictive covenants are a common, even standard, feature of employment contracts for senior members of staff, but the manner in which they are treated by the courts is perhaps less commonly understood.
Cayman Islands
19 Jul 2019
The Cayman Court Provides Clarification Regarding Recognition For Foreign Receivers
A recently released decision of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands clarifies the circumstances in which receivers appointed by foreign courts or by foreign governmental bodies may seek the recognition in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
21 Jun 2019
Up, Up And Away: Irish Commercial Court Orders Removal Of Registrations Relating To Aircraft
The Irish High Court currently has exclusive jurisdiction to make orders against the Registrar (as defined below) pursuant to the Convention and the Protocol (both as defined below).
6 Jun 2019
开曼群岛上诉法院最近推翻了 Mangatal 法官于 2018 年 10 月 19 日就天瑞(股东)提请之按公平公正的理据将中国山水清盘的呈请所作的拒审庭令。上诉法院
Cayman Islands
31 May 2019
China Shanshui: The Beginning Of The End Or The End Of The Beginning?
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has recently overturned the Order of Justice Mangatal dated 19 October 2018 by which she struck out a just and equitable winding up petition brought against China Shanshui by Tianrui (a shareholder).
Cayman Islands
29 May 2019
Long Overdue: Judicial Guidance On Dangerous Dogs
The entitlement to own a dog in the Cayman Islands is not absolute. In addition to licencing and registration requirements with the Department of Agriculture, owners are responsible not only for the welfare of their animal, ...
Cayman Islands
23 May 2019
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
A Fresh Coat Of Morton v Paint?: Double Actionability And Detinue In Guernsey
The Court also awarded the Plaintiff a further ฃ100 as nominal damages for the Defendant's wrongful detention of the Jaguar.
22 Apr 2019
Saunders v Vautier In The Channel Islands - Guidance From Guernsey
Can the beneficiaries of a discretionary trust require the trustees to terminate the trust and distribute the trust property, in circumstances where a power to add further beneficiaries exists?
15 Apr 2019
Court Grants Mandatory Arbitration Stay In Winding Up Proceedings
In the recent case of In the matter of China CVS (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp., Kawaley J of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (the "Court") provided some helpful clarity.
Cayman Islands
15 Apr 2019
Enforcement Of Arbitration Award Set Aside – Arbitration Must Be Consensual
The judgment delivered on 19 February 2019 in the matter of VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. v Matlin Patterson Global et al (FSD 137 of 2016 (IMJ)) has provided some welcome guidance.
Cayman Islands
11 Apr 2019
开曼群岛大法院近期公布了Dorsey Ventures Limited(原告)诉XIO GP Limited(被告)(編號FSD 38 of 2018,unreported 22 October 2018)一案的判决。该判决就开曼群岛豁免有限合伙企业中
Cayman Islands
8 Apr 2019
Have You Been True And Full? A Limited Partner's Right To Information
The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has recently released for publication a decision in Dorsey Ventures Limited (Plaintiff) and XIO GP Limited (Defendant)
Cayman Islands
1 Apr 2019
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