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International Arbitration Comparative Guide
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Czech Republic, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Czech Republic
9 Oct 2019
Prague Rules On Efficiency In Arbitration Now Launched
The new Rules on the Efficient Conduct of Proceedings in International Arbitration (Prague Rules) launched last month in the Czech Republic ...
Czech Republic
14 Jan 2019
Overview Of Significant Judicial Decisions In The Corporate Sphere In 2017
From the selected decisions made in the corporate sphere in 2017, it follows that higher-level courts are adhering to their existing interpretative practices.
Czech Republic
24 Jul 2018
Odměna Advokáta Za Zastupování Ve Sporu
V rámci sporové praxe naší advokátní kanceláře bychom Vás rádi upozornili na nedávné rozhodnutí Ústavního soudu České republiky sp. zn. IV. ÚS 2688/15 ze dne 19. 12. 2017, které se zabývá vztahem mezi ...
Czech Republic
29 May 2018
International Arbitration In London From The Perspective Of A Civil Law Lawyer: Rome I Regulation And Contractual Penalties
International arbitration takes a great pride in being flexible, adjustable and thus very responsive to the needs of the parties involved.
Czech Republic
23 Apr 2018
Arbitrator Cannot Be Appointed Only By One Party To A Dispute
Pursuant to the decision passed by the Supreme Court under case no. 23 Cdo 1098/2016 on November 8, 2016, it is not possible to arrange in an arbitration agreement that arbitrators could be selected ...
Czech Republic
5 Feb 2018
Caveat Claimant! Validity Of Czech Arbitration Clauses Under Siege
The Czech Supreme Court further tightens the rules regarding unilateral selection of a sole arbitrator by one party to arbitration proceedings.
Czech Republic
29 Sep 2017
Fifth Anniversary Of Mediation In The Czech Republic
Mediation as an alternative to classic dispute resolution in other than criminal matters was formally incorporated into the Czech legal system in September 2012.
Czech Republic
16 Aug 2017
Wolf Theiss TMT Insider - November 2016
We are pleased to present you with the new issue of our TMT Insider, the quarterly Newsletter on technology, media and telecommunications, which keeps you up to date on legal changes and news from Czech Republic.
Czech Republic
11 Nov 2016
New Ruling Of The Czech Supreme Administrative Court: Twilight Of Acquisition Structures?
A recent Czech Supreme Administrative Court decision invoked the doctrine of abuse of law disallowing the tax deductibility of interest on a shareholder loan in an acquisition transaction.
Czech Republic
2 Feb 2016
Recent Czech Supreme Court Decisions: Twilight Of Secured Creditors?
The Czech Supreme Court recently issued two decisions having significant impact on the position of secured creditors (i.e. generally financial institutions) within insolvency proceedings.
Czech Republic
21 Sep 2015
Constitutional Court Finds That Hidden Recordings Of Employees May Be Used As Legal Evidence In Court Proceedings
In the Czech Republic, the permissibility of using hidden recordings or other similar kinds of evidence within a court proceeding is quite questionable.
Czech Republic
5 Apr 2015
The Czech Civil Code: From Effectiveness To Amendment In 17 Months?
With effect from 1 January 2014, the entire Czech civil law has been re-enacted by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the civil code, along with Act No. 90/2012 Coll., the business corporation act, and other legislation.
Czech Republic
11 Mar 2015
Regulation Of Corporate Groups In The New Civil Law
Effective 1 January 2014, the new Civil Code and Business Corporations Act introduced a modified model of management and operation of corporate groups.
Czech Republic
29 Jan 2015
Recorded Telephone Conversations - Legal Evidence In Administrative Proceedings
A recently published decision of the Supreme Administrative Court considered a telephone conversation between two individuals as legitimate evidence in administrative proceedings.
Czech Republic
24 Jun 2014
Access Of Third Parties To The Administrative File Under Recent Case Law
The Supreme Administrative Court and Regional Court in Brno released two decisions that are inconsistent with existing practice.
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2014
New Rules On Reimbursement Of Costs In Civil Proceedings
Claims for reimbursement of costs are based on the provisions of the Czech Procedural Code, under which the "loser pays" system applies (but exceptions exist).
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2014
Insolvency Filings In Case Law
The case law sets very high requirements for insolvency filings made by creditors.
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2014
Public Registers After 1 January 2014
On 1 January 2014, the new Civil Code No. 89/2012 Coll. shall come into effect, bringing about a number of changes, including general principles of private law, the introduction of new juridical institutes, and changes to terminology.
Czech Republic
30 Jul 2013
New Mediation Act
The new Mediation Act came into force on 1 September 2012.
Czech Republic
8 Nov 2012
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