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Federal Agencies Reaffirm That Supervisory Guidance Is Not Law – Who Knew?
Yesterday, five federal agencies – the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency,
United States
5 Oct 2018
Department Of Defense Issues New Guidance On Military Lending Act Regulations
On August 26, 2016, the Department of Defense (DOD) issued an interpretive rule providing guidance on the DOD's regulations implementing the Military Lending Act (MLA).
United States
31 Aug 2016
Scudder Appointed Acting Treasurer Of New Jersey Has Tax And Economics Backgrounds
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appointed Ford M. Scudder as Acting Treasurer of New Jersey with the intent to nominate Mr. Scudder as Treasurer, for confirmation by the Senate.
United States
5 Nov 2015
OMB And Federal Agencies Publish Final Rule On Grants And Cooperative Agreements
On December 19, 2014, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and 28 federal agencies published in the Federal Register a consolidated interim final rule...
United States
9 Jan 2015
Housing Finance Reform
Efforts to address housing finance reform are starting to heat up, although the finish line is still probably a long way off.
United States
1 May 2014
OMB Revises And Consolidates Rules Governing Most Federal Grants
In the final days of 2013, the White House Office of Management and Budget released for publication long-awaited final guidance on administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements pertaining to federal grants and cooperative agreements.
United States
8 Jan 2014
Recent Changes Allow Tax-Free Receipt Of Up To $10 Million In Gain From The Sale Of Small Business Stock
Taxpayers who purchased QSBS in September 2010 or later will not be eligible to realize the benefit of the 100% gain exclusion until September 2015 at the earliest.
United States
24 Jan 2013
New Tax Act Provides Long-Awaited Clarity And Certainty On Estate, Gift And Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes, And Income Tax Rates
On January 1, 2013, the Senate and the House of Representatives passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), averting the so-called "fiscal cliff" which includes several major changes to the Internal Revenue Code.
United States
22 Jan 2013
The Euro Odyssey: An Epic Journey Or A Greek Tragedy In The Making?
The future of the European single currency stands precariously balanced
European Union
13 Jun 2012
A Euro Break-Up: Impact On Financial Documentation
On 1 January 2012, many of us brought in the New Year with a celebratory glass of champagne, just as the Europeans did 10 years ago when their drinks were paid for in shiny new Euros.
United States
23 Jan 2012
The Learning Annex – Debt Modifications And The Tax Law
In general, an exchange of property for other property differing materially either in kind or in extent is treated as a taxable exchange for U.S. federal income tax purposes.
United States
25 Jun 2009
Newton’s Third Law And The White Paper
Aside from being famous for sitting under an apple tree and getting hit in the head by an apple, Newton is also credited with the third law of motion.
United States
23 Jun 2009
Administration Issues General Explanation Of Its Fiscal Year 2010 Revenue Proposals, Including Provisions Affecting Individuals
On May 11, the Obama Administration (the “Administration”) issued general explanations of its Fiscal Year 2010 revenue proposals.
United States
3 Jun 2009
New Federal Programs Support The Banking System: Expect Mandatory Preferred And Mandatory Debt Issuance
Today, in a joint statement of support for the nation’s banking institutions, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury), Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Office of Thrift Supervision announced plans to provide continued support to, and encourage private capital investment in, financial institutions.
United States
25 Feb 2009
Tax Provisions Of The Stimulus Bill
On Friday, February 13, 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the Act), which was signed into law by the President on Tuesday, February 17, 2009.
United States
18 Feb 2009
Take Two: Treasury Announces The Financial Stability Plan
On February 10, 2009, Treasury Secretary Geithner released an outline of his Financial Stability Plan, a sixpronged approach to “help restart the flow of credit, clean up and strengthen our banks, and provide critical aid for homeowners and for small businesses” with “new, higher standards for transparency and accountability.”
United States
12 Feb 2009
Treasury Ties Bailout Funds To Limits On Executive Pay
In October 2008, Treasury announced that it would make capital investments in financial institutions in order to stabilize the financial system.
United States
6 Feb 2009
UK Government’s Banking Support Measures
With the credit crunch rapidly deteriorating into a full-scale global financial crisis, the UK’s HM Treasury (“HMT”) announced on 8th October 2008 a comprehensive package of measures to help support the banking industry financially and to strengthen depositor protection, with the aim of stabilising the UK financial system.
United States
5 Feb 2009
GAO Proposes Framework For Assessing Proposals To Modernize The US Financial Regulatory System
In response to what it called the worst financial crisis in more than 75 years, the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) released a report, dated January 8, 2009, titled “Financial Regulation A Framework for Crafting and Assessing Proposals to Modernize the Outdated U.S. Financial Regulatory System.”
United States
29 Jan 2009
CaPP: Private Bank Program
On November 17, 2008, Treasury released a standard form term sheet detailing the terms and conditions of the preferred stock and warrant offerings under the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) Capital Purchase Program (CaPP) for private institutions.
United States
1 Dec 2008
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