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Nothing To gLOSS Over: California Court Agrees To Hear Case On Open Source License Enforcement
Using, developing, and distributing open source software can help stimulate innovation, harness collective expertise, and promote interoperable programs and standards
20 Jun 2017
Voltage Meets Resistance From Federal Court: New Safeguards Imposed On Disclosure Order To Combat Copyright Trolling
Voltage meets resistance from Federal Court: new safeguards imposed on disclosure order to combat copyright trolling.
3 Mar 2014
Supreme Court Of Canada Addresses Important Issues In Canadian Copyright Law
On December 23, 2013, a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision in Cinar Corporation v Robinson.
15 Jan 2014
Proposed Amendment To Copyright Act Seeks To Establish Artists' Resale Rights
Bill C-516 was recently introduced as a private member’s bill in the House of Commons.
17 Jun 2013
An Overview Of Bill C-56: Combatting Counterfeit Products Act
Bill C-56 was recently introduced in the House of Commons, and it is directed to bring amendments to the Copyright Act and the Trade-marks Act, and to add new tools to fight commercial counterfeiting and piracy activities.
25 Mar 2013
Bill C-56 Tacks On Significant Amendments To Trade-Marks Act
On March 1, 2013, Bill C-56 was introduced in the House of Commons, and is it is directed to amend the Copyright Act and the Trade-marks Act to add new civil and criminal remedies to curtail commercial counterfeiting activities.
15 Mar 2013
Most Of Copyright Modernization Act Provisions Now In Force
On November 7, 2012, most of the new provisions of, and amendments to, the Canadian Copyright Act came into force as a result of the publication in the Canada Gazette of Order SI/2012-85.
26 Nov 2012
Previews Of Musical Works Do Not Infringe Copyright
As we've discussed in a number of recent blog posts, the Supreme Court of Canada this week released a number of major copyright-related decisions.
25 Jul 2012
Supreme Court Clarifies Scope Of Fair Dealing
On July 12, 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada clarified the scope of the "fair dealing" exception to copyright infringement, found in section 29 of the Copyright Act (the Act), which allows copies to be made for research, private study, criticism and review.
25 Jul 2012
Free Delivery! Supreme Court Rules No Copyright Royalties For Internet Transmission Of Downloads
In a major, but slim, victory for proponents of electronic commerce, a majority of the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that online sellers of music and video game downloads are not required to pay more copyright royalties than their "bricks and mortar" counterparts, solely because the products from the virtual stores are delivered via the internet
17 Jul 2012
Copyright Bill C-11 Passes Third Reading And Receives Royal Assent
On June 29, 2012, Bill C-11 passed third reading in the Senate and received royal assent.
16 Jul 2012
2011 In Review - Top 10 Technology & IP Law Developments
The arrival of 2012 marked the end of a year filled with numerous developments in technology and IP law.
25 Jan 2012
That's A Wrap: BC Supreme Court Enforces Website Terms Of Use And Validates "Browse Wrap" Agreements In Century 21 v Zoocasa
In "Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership v Rogers Communications Inc.", the BC Supreme Court upheld the validity of the so-called "browse wrap" agreements and awarded damages against Zoocasa and its parent Rogers for Zoocasa’s breach of the Century 21 website terms of use when it pulled listings from the Century 21 website for use on its own real estate listing search engine.
14 Oct 2011
Fourth Time Lucky? Government Introduces Copyright Reform Bill -- Again.
The Canadian Government is giving copyright reform another try, reintroducing what is essentially the same copyright bill that died last spring with the dissolution of Parliament.
7 Oct 2011
Where Does Copyright Law End And Broadcasting Regulation Begin? Supreme Court To Hear Appeal On "Value For Signal"
The long road for local broadcasters wanting to charge fees to cable and satellite companies for rebroadcasting their signals just got a little longer.
6 Oct 2011
Supreme Court To Hear Five Appeals Concerning Copyright Tariffs
In an unprecedented cluster of cases focusing on copyright, the Supreme Court of Canada has recently granted leave to appeal in five separate cases involving tariffs approved by the Copyright Board.
22 Sep 2011
Federal Court Of Appeal Says Broadcasting Policy Trumps Copyright Law: CRTC Has Power To Allow Local Broadcasters To Demand Fee For Carriage
"Free-to-air" local television signals may no longer be free to cable and satellite subscribers, following a recent court decision affirming the scope of the powers of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) under the Broadcasting Act.
7 Mar 2011
Federal Court Refuses To Award Summary Judgment For Alleged Infringement Of Copyright In Builder's Plans And Design
The Federal Courts Rules provide a summary judgment procedure that allows a party to prevent claims or defences that have no chance of success from proceeding to trial.
1 Feb 2011
UK Ruling - Internet Jurisdiction Based On Server Location?
Recently, a court in the UK (Football Dataco Ltd et al. v. Sportradar GmbH) found that the location of a server determined the appropriate jurisdiction to regulate internet content. This is not entirely consistent with the Canadian approach.
5 Dec 2010
Artists Push for Resale Right on Works of Art
This past weekend’s Globe and Mail included an interesting article regarding the principle of droit de suite, which provides artists with a right to a percentage of the sale price on the resale of their works of art.
14 Nov 2010
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