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Enforcing Foreign Judgments In The Isle Of Man: A Quick Process
The Isle of Man's Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) (Isle of Man) Act 1968 (the "Act") provides a quick and simple process for the registration of judgments obtained in certain jurisdictions.
Isle of Man
17 Oct 2019
Does An Advocate Owe A Duty Of Care To A Third Party?
This case deals with three main issues; (1) the duty of care of an advocate to a third party, (2) amendments to Particulars of Claim and (3) the test when seeking leave to appeal to the Privy Council.
Isle of Man
2 Mar 2016
Security For Costs – An Update
Deemster Corlett cited and relied upon Akhavan v Quinn Legal Advocates Limited 20134 as the leading case in the Isle of Man on security for costs.
Isle of Man
28 Oct 2015
Injunctive Relief Against Third Parties: The Chabra Jurisdiction
The application was brought without notice on the basis that if notice were given there would be a real risk of dissipation of the assets.
Isle of Man
30 Apr 2015
Pleading For Relief From Sanctions – The Failure To Provide Evidence
The Rules of the High Court 2009 brought in a new regime for the conduct of Civil Litigation on the Isle of Man.
Isle of Man
29 Jul 2014
"Unnecessary Delays And Costs Will Not Be Tolerated"
Thomas Jefferson once stated, "every generation needs a new revolution".
Isle of Man
25 Mar 2014
Witness In Fear Of Testifying
In R v Crellin Crim 2012/32 the High Court was asked to admit as hearsay evidence the statement of a witness who through fear would not give evidence.
Isle of Man
11 Mar 2014
"Yes, I Meant It Then, But Not Now"
The Rules of the High Court 2009 in the Isle of Man, give the court wide case management powers.
Isle of Man
20 May 2013
Is It A Hopeless Case?
A discussion on the fact that applications for strike out are being increasingly used in the civil litigation process as a means to test, at an early stage, the courts view of the merits of a claim.
Isle of Man
24 Apr 2013
Isle Of Man Court Confirms Support For International Judicial Co-Operation
In the recent case of US Securities and Exchange Commission v Samuel E Wyly and others ORD 2012/24, the Isle of Man’s Chief Justice, His Honour Deemster Doyle confirmed that in matters which require evidence to be provided to foreign Courts, such Courts should be "afforded the fullest help it is possible to give."
Isle of Man
27 Nov 2012
Spreadex v. Cochrane
The English High Court has recently ruled that an online betting operator could not recover £50,000 on loss-making trades allegedly made by a customer's girlfriend's five year old son.
Isle of Man
9 Aug 2012
Gross Negligence, Negligence And Other Phrases
Gross negligence is a civil law concept that has been imported into the common law.
Isle of Man
27 Jun 2012
An Unknown Known?
A trustee is under a strict obligation to distribute the trust assets in accordance with the trust. In many cases this is simple, as where one person is entitled to the distribution.
Isle of Man
16 May 2012
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