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The Unknown Unknowns – Differential Etiology And Idiosyncrasy
Donald Rumsfeld once justified attacking Iraq without firm evidence that his target possessed the ultimately apocryphal
20 Sep 2019
Blood Test Must Now Be Completed In Country Of Residence
All foreign nationals seeking employment in Federal Iraq must now undergo a mandatory blood test and must also have their blood test authenticated at an Iraqi consulate prior to travel.
30 Aug 2019
Enforcement Scenarios For Iraq's New Commercial Agency Law
Iraq's new Commercial Agency Law comes into force on 13 November This Client Alert outlines six possible enforcement scenarios and how foreign investors should plan mitigation.
27 Jun 2019
Trademarks - Filing Requirements (Iraq)
An application for the registration of a mark shall be field with the Registrar in the manner and according to the conditions prescribed in regulation made under this law.
2 May 2019
Cybercrime Legislation In Iraq
‘Cybercrime' is commonly defined as any criminal offence that is facilitated by, or involves the use of, a computer or network-connected device.
12 Oct 2017
How To Set Up An NGO In The Kurdistan Region Of Iraq
The NGO Law gives the right to registered NGOs in the Region to open branches inside and outside Kurdistan and Iraq.
15 Jun 2015
Project Prospects With Iraqi Railways: The Baghdad To Basra Railway Revisited?
The potential for railways in the Middle East is Victorian in scale.
22 Apr 2013
Iraq’s Fourth Oil And Gas Licensing Round
Since 2008, Iraq has been conducting a series of high profile oil and gas licensing rounds, with the Iraqi government’s strategy being to increase its energy reserves and raise oil production from current levels of 2.5 million barrels per day (BPD) to 6.5 million BPD by 2014.
21 Sep 2012
Iraq’s 4th Oil And Gas Licensing Round
Since 2008, Iraq has been conducting a series of high profile oil and gas licensing rounds with the Iraqi Government’s strategy being to increase its energy reserves and raise oil production from current levels of 2.5 million barrels per day ("BPD") to 6.5 million BPD by 2014.
17 Aug 2012
Business And Investment Opportunities In Energy Market And So Forth In Iraq.
Located in the middle of the energy aisle, Iraq is very important for Turkey, regional countries, Europe and USA.
29 Nov 2011
Update On The New Iraqi Commission For Public Integrity And Audit Board Laws (Finance)
The Iraqi Parliament recently passed into law regulations (i) governing the Commission for Public Integrity (the CPI), titled the CPI Law; and (ii) the Audit Board titled the Audit Board Law.
21 Nov 2011
Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments And Arbitration Awards In Iraq
During recent years, there have been many court judgments and arbitration awards rendered against Iraqi government entities arising from contracts concluded during Saddam’s regime.
17 May 2011
Commercial Claims And Limitation Period Under Iraqi Law
This article deals mainly with the question of Limitation Period under Iraqi Law. Creditors of claims against Iraq which arose from construction, financing and supply contracts concluded with the Iraqi government entities prior to the fall of Saddam Hussein`s regime in 2003 may find this article of interest.
28 Apr 2011
Iraq Arbitration Law
Since the fall of Saddam Hussain`s regime and the occupation of Iraq by the American and the British forces on 9th April 2003, Iraqi laws have been in constant changes. Many old laws have been repealed and replaced by new legislation, and other laws have been amended; first by the US Civil Administrator Paul Bremer, and later by the governments of Iraq.
5 Apr 2011
Application Of Islamic Law In The Middle East
Contractors and banks intending to enter construction contracts or financing transaction for projects in the Middle East are faced with the questions of the application of Islamic Law and the compliance of certain provisions of their contracts with Sharia.
25 Mar 2011
Interest And Islamic Banking
In this article we shall attempt to outline the definition of interest, so called( Riba) under the Sharia or Islamic law , followed by a short survey of the laws of some Arab countries which have prohibited or permitted charging interest.
8 Mar 2011
Doing Business in Iraq
Iraq is the new Middle East destination for business and investments. Being one of the richest countries in oil and gas; as well as emerging from years of war, and the economic growth being experienced all together put Iraq under the spot light.
9 Jun 2010
Political and Legal Risk in Kurdistan: Business As Usual?
Companies investing and operating in developing countries are accustomed to dealing with the risks associated with uncertain and sometimes arbitrary political and legal systems.
9 Jun 2010
Iraq Insurance Laws
As conditions gradually improve in Iraq, queries are being received concerning opportunities in the insurance sector. This article provides a regulatory overview of the Iraqi market.
19 Mar 2010
Gulf Developers Eye Iraq’s Housing Sector
On 23rd November 2009, Iraq’s Parliament approved the first draft Amendment to Law No 13 of 2006 (the "Investment Law"). The Amendment is designed to encourage applications from foreign developers to invest in and develop new housing projects in Iraq through the availability of land ownership and other incentives.
18 Mar 2010
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