The New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. ("NREDCAP"), vide its order dated November 18, 2019 has made amendments to the Andhra Pradesh solar policy, 2018, Andhra Pradesh wind policy, 2018 and Andhra Pradesh wind-solar hybrid power policy, 2018, dated January 3, 2019. The amendments are as follows:

1) Transmission and Distribution charges shall be as determined by the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission ("APERC") for connectivity to the network of the central transmission utility which is nearest to the power plant via the state transmission utility network for inter and intra-state wheeling of power.

2) The facility of energy banking and drawal for variable renewable energy from all the generators has been withdrawn. Further, any injection of energy between synchronisation and declaration of commercial operation date shall be treated as inadvertent cost and no cost shall be paid by distribution utilities.

3) The tariff for solar, wind, solar-wind hybrid projects or any other variable renewable energy project shall not exceed the difference between the pooled variable cost and balancing cost, as decided by APERC. Further, the applicable tariff for solar rooftop projects for either net metering/ gross metering shall not exceed difference between pooled variable cost and balancing cost, as decided by APERC, or the applicable tariff at the time of commercial operation date, whichever is less.

4) All government land allotment for setting up a solar power plant, wind power plant or a hybrid power plant shall only be on lease hold basis.

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