You leap and...

You take a risk. Through going out of your comfort zone. By trading the daily safe routine for the unknown situation of your new future.

Humans have been doing this for centuries. We have been creating opportunities since our rise on earth, precisely because our existence depended on taking risks and searching for the best opportunity for survival.

One key element to this survival has been, on one side, settling and creating communities and also, and perhaps more importantly, mobility. This is the ability of humans to move from one place to the other in order to create opportunities or just to ensure our survival.

Why people immigrate?

Reasons for mobility have always been various, but without aiming to make an exhaustive list, they could eventually be resumed in a handful – safety, as a necessity for survival, or expansion, as a need for growth or success. Later on – much later on – we can find other reasons, like education for future generations, search for financial success or the search for improving lifestyle.

Without entering in a political debate in terms of pros and cons, one thing is certain – global mobility and immigration help to shape a territory and a nation and, if managed correctly, impact on the receiving countries can be very positive.

Malta, leading the example for Immigration

If you want an example of it, you do not need to look further.

Take a quick look at Malta – or Repubblika ta' Malta in Maltese -, located in the middle of the Mediterranean and with a history dating back beyond 5000 BC. Passing from the Phoenicians and Arabs to the Knights of St. John and later the French and British -, Malta is an independent country since 1964 and member of the EU since 2004.

Being under different rulings has given Malta an incredible outlook – a mixture of cultures, essences and flavours which give this small giant a uniqueness not comparable to any other.

Global mobility of people in the search for safety, happiness, security or lifestyle since centuries has shaped this incredible country into a place where you can easily find yourself at home, no matter where you come from, with warm welcoming people, a Mediterranean feel and an economy growing strong year after year.

Do you want to create an opportunity?

Malta gives you the chance to make a change, to take a measured risk and to find a home away from home where you and your family can find financial security, safety, lifestyle and education.

You can get residency by investment in Malta or apply for citizenship by investment in Malta by making a combined investment in the country. You would normally have to buy or rent a property in Malta, invest in government bonds and make a government contribution.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.