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Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt
The above-mentioned letter has been issued to emphasize on the calculation of comprehensive medical insurance contribution ...
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Approving the Convention concluded between the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Government of the Russian Federation signed in Moscow on 23/5/2018
Youssry Saleh & Partners
The Egyptian Government set a new business plan of investments in Egypt which should encourage the local and the foreign investors by issuing the New Bankruptcy Law No. 11 of the year 2018.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
As mentioned before, the civil liability is divided into contractual or non-contractual liability.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
In light of the remarkable development in the climate of investment in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is working to attract investments, through establishing of companies and branches of companies and ...
Epstein Rosenblum Maoz
The GDPR identifies three specific examples where a DPIA would be required.
Yigal Arnon & Co
Early stage funding practices in Israel and Japan shed light on the differences in their business cultures.
Yigal Arnon & Co
Many are not aware of this, but within three weeks the Law for the Reduction of Cash Use, 5768 - 2018 (the "Law") will come into effect.
Yigal Arnon & Co
A few days ago, the Israel Tax Authority published Income Tax Circular No. 18/2018 on the subject of capital-based compensation based on performance, which was accompanied by publications in the economic press with dramatic headlines.
Suits You
This type of visa does not allow the foreign national to work in Israel.
Primera Africa Legal
Nigeria has natural gas reserves of over one hundred and sixty-six trillion standard cubic feet further to which Nigeria is reputed to have the ninth largest gas reserve in the world.
Deloitte Nigeria
In the quest to improve the infrastructural needs of Nigeria and maximise resources, the President of Nigeria approved the Executive Order 007 (the Order) ...
Fred-Young & Evans
The agreement must contain detailed information of the experts.
In March 2018, the Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the Federal High Court (the trial Court) and decided that the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency acted beyond its statutory powers when it imposed ...
Through the years, Nigeria has lacked comprehensive legislation which protects against the misuse and mismanagement of personal data.
The Taxation Laws Amendment Act, 2018, which was promulgated on 17 January 2018, amended South African tax legislation by overhauling two provisions relating to the reduction of debt, namely section 19 of the Income Tax Act, 1962 ...
It is becoming increasingly easy for employees in the workplace to record conversations, meetings and disciplinary enquiries without the consent of the employer to do so.
On 1 February 2019, the South African Minister of Finance published the Financial Matters Amendment Bill (the "Bill") containing a long-awaited amendment to section 83 of the Insolvency Act, 1936.
The Anton Piller order is an extraordinary thing. It's essentially an evidence-preserving legal mechanism.
The Mauritian Government announced in its 2018-2019 budget speech major changes to be brought to the Mauritian Financial Services sector ...
STA Law Firm
Property rental in the UK is a growing area with around 20% of people renting a house.
STA Law Firm
Smartphones have rapidly taken the world by storm, and it is now almost impossible to spend more than a few minutes in public without seeing one.
STA Law Firm
The UAE is globally renowned for its construction projects and some of the grandest, most ambitious and unique architectural achievements ...
STA Law Firm
The UAE is a nation known for its large population of expatriates and tourists. The country is seen as an international business hub, bringing great wealth into the country and producing a highly
STA Law Firm
Power and energy supply is the backbone of every economy of this world.
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Strachan Partners
Nigeria is the largest market in Africa and one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The country has a thriving and relatively easy business environment with numerous investment opportunities in various sectors.
STA Law Firm
The basis of Saudi Arabia's employment legislation framework is fashioned on two pillars.
PwC Nigeria
The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, today 19 December 2018 presented the 2019 Appropriation Bill ...
Deloitte Nigeria
There is evident work in progress to ensure that the ERGP succeeds.
Legalstone Solicitors LLP
The Matrimonial Causes Act, 1971 (Act 367) governs the current law on divorce in Ghana. The law provides that, a petition for divorce may be presented to the court by either party to a marriage.
Lord Edmund –Davis in his book "Judicial Activism"1975, wrote as follows:
Deloitte Nigeria
President Muhammadu Buhari provided a sneak peek into Nigeria's fiscal direction for 2019 on Wednesday, 19 December 2018, as he presented the 2019 Budget of the Federal Government of Nigeria ...
S.P.A. Ajibade & Co.
In Nigeria, the Probate Registry of most States is where all the activities relating to obtaining legal instruments to facilitate the legal administration and management of estates take place.
Benchmac & Ince
Islamic finance is a financial system that is based on adherence to the Sharia or Islamic law.
Africa Law Practice
Non-agricultural employment in the informal economy represents 66% of total employment in sub-Saharan Africa.
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