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By Sharon A. Beesley, Marco Montarsolo, Stephanie Sanderson, Kimonea Pitt
This Guide provides a brief overview and gives general information relating to the law and procedures for the establishment and operation of investment funds in Bermuda
By Gretchen Tucker
Tillman v Egon Zehnder Ltd: The English Supreme Court re-examines the enforcement of restrictive covenants – in favour of employers.
By Sharon A. Beesley, Marco Montarsolo, Stephanie Sanderson, Kit Cunningham, Kimonea Pitt
Bermuda passed economic substance legislation in December 2018 as part of the international initiatives for fairer taxation globally and, in particular, to address the technical scoping paper of the European Union ...
By BeesMont Law Limited
BeesMont Law Limited would like to congratulate Circle International Bermuda Limited, a subsidiary of Circle and a member of the Circle Group, for being the first company to receive a Class F Digital Asset Business Act Licence issued by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.
By Stephanie Sanderson, Kit Cunningham, Alexandra Fox
This country-specific Q&A provides an overview to Fintech law in Bermuda. It covers open banking, regulation of data, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI and insurtech.
By Stephanie Sanderson
Many fintech entrepreneurs are interested in having a presence in Bermuda, according to a lawyer who is advising them.
By Stephanie Sanderson
Having successfully launched the world's most progressive ICO legislation, the Digital Asset Business Act 2018 is Bermuda's latest development in establishing a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework ...
By Stephanie Sanderson
Bermuda has always been at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry, Stephanie Sanderson of Beesmont explains how the Island is continuing that tradition with its latest developments...
By Stephanie Sanderson, Kit Cunningham, Kimonea Pitt
What are the primary sources of law, regulation and practice relating to corporate governance? Is it mandatory for listed companies to comply with listing rules or do they apply on a ‘comply or explain' basis?
By Stephanie Sanderson
Blockchain is often referred to as a disruptive technology but it has emerged from relative obscurity to become a relatively popular conversation topic across various industries.
By Stephanie Sanderson
2018 is expected to be a big year for privacy and data protection in Bermuda. The Personal Information Protection Act (Pipa) ...
By Stephanie Sanderson
Bermuda is quickly becoming a world leader in the financial technology (Fintech) sector by putting into place a bespoke Fintech legislative and regulatory regime.
By Stephanie Sanderson
Stephanie Sanderson, partner at Beesmont Law, breaks down the Common Reporting Standard and explains the impact that the global compliance measure has on captives
By Stephanie Sanderson
The Government of Bermuda has amended the Bermuda Common Reporting Standard Regulations to make nil return filings mandatory for Reporting Financial Institutions that maintained...
By Stephanie Sanderson, Matthew Madeiros, Alexandra Fox, Kit Cunningham, Kimonea Pitt
Virtual currency, initial coin offerings, and blockchain are at the forefront of the newest emerging financial industry: Fintech.