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By Oliver Massmann
On November 12, 2018, the National Assembly of Vietnam ("NAV") has promulgated a resolution to approve and ratify the CPTPP agreement and relevant documents ("Resolution").
By Justus Getty
This week marks the one-year anniversary of our first post to the Duane Morris Green IP Blog, so we thought we'd mark the occasion with a look back at our top posts of the first year.
By Oliver Massmann
The waste treatment and infrastructure sector in Vietnam faces several issues.
By Giles T. Cooper
In October, we reported on a first draft decree to implement the Cyber-security Law and noted many concerns about its overtly stringent terms and, in particular, the threat it caused to development of a thriving e-commerce/ Industry 4.0 landscape.
By Eric Sinrod
Technology has advanced to the point that videos can be doctored in terms of words spoken or physical actions taken to the point that those videos can look quite authentic.
By Brian Goldstein, J. Manly Parks, Thomas Schmuhl
With no end in sight to the U.S.-China trade dispute concerning alleged Chinese policies relating to U.S. technology and unfair trade practice ...
By Oliver Massmann
Die State Bank of Vietnam (Ngan Hang Nha Nuoc Vietnam, SBV) ist die Zentralbank Vietnams. Sie ist eine auf Ministeriumsebene befindliche Körperschaft, die der Regierung unterstellt ist. Der...
By Frederick Ball, Carolyn Alenci
The list is developed from inputting sites from CDER's Catalog of Manufacturing Sites into the SSM
By Oliver Massmann
1. Dear Dr. Massmann, a government official recently stated that the MoIT probably had enough solar projects in the pipeline, explaining for that fact ...
By David Feldman
Reporting from the Practising Law Institute's Annual Institute on Securities Regulation here in New York City.
By Sandra Stoneman, Matthew Mousley
If you are a university researcher interested in launching a startup based on an invention developed in your lab, below is a list of some key guidelines to keep in mind as you start your company:
By Nicholas Collura
In March 2016, Smart Meter Technologies, Inc. filed a lawsuit in federal court in Delaware alleging that Duke Energy infringed SMT's U.S. Patent Number 7,058,524 by installing and operating automated power distribution equipment in residential installations.
By Eric Sinrod
California recently passed what some argue to be the most robust net neutrality state law in the United States.
By Amy E. McCracken
Last month I wrote about the hearing to be held by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations ...
By Oliver Massmann
Viet Nam and the EU officially concluded the legal review process of the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement as well as agreed on the contents of the Vietnam-EU Agreement on Investment Protection (IPA).
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