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By Cydney Posner
That's because, in 2016, the House passed the Fostering Innovation Act of 2015—the very same bill.
By Robert Eisenbach
The Big Question. What is the effect of rejection of a trademark license by a debtor-licensor? Over the past few years, this blog has followed the Tempnology case out of New Hampshire raising just that issue.
By Cydney Posner
The issue of mandatory arbitration bylaws is a hot potato—and a partisan one at that (with Rs tending to favor and Ds tending to oppose).
By Derek Colla
In conjunction with our Q4 Venture Financing Report, I sat down with Hayley Barna from First Round Capital to get her take on the state of venture capital investing.
By Carol Roberts
UK preparations for a potential no deal Brexit now include a plan to replace the CE mark.
By Cydney Posner
In remarks for a telephone call on February 6 with SEC Investor Advisory Committee members, SEC Chair Jay Clayton briefly discussed three topics:
By Jamie Humphreys, Evangelia Nitti
Regulators are alert to the development and the global industry is bound to fall within the scope of market alignment sooner or later.
By Cydney Posner
Corp Fin has posted a new Compliance & Disclosure Interpretation under Reg S-K that relates to diversity disclosure.
By Fergal Duggan, Olivia Flasch
In a non-binding resolution adopted in January 2019, MEPs called for faster innovation in the automated transport sector.
By Sarah DiFrancesca
If implemented, the Proposed Rule will take effect on January 1, 2020.
By Cydney Posner
The company apparently decided that this was not a battle worth fighting.
By Michael Rhodes, Matthew Caplan
California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1542 precludes the waiver of unknown claims unless the protections of the section are expressly relinquished.
By Kathleen Pakenham, Clint Massengill, Adriana Lofaro Wirtz
New York has had an economic nexus law on its books since 1990.
By Kristine Forderer
One of the most important things that a company can do to maintain its value is to take thoughtful steps to protect its intellectual property, its "secret sauce," so to speak, that sets the product or company apart ...
By Harriet Jones
The Office of Product Safety and Standards is launching a new research project to examine why many consumers do not register their household products, in an effort to learn what more can be done to boost registration rates.
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