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By Gonzalez Calvillo, S.C
Please see below updated thresholds for transactions subject to pre-merger control by the Mexican Antitrust Commission (Cofece) under the Antitrust Statute, i.e. transactions with effects in Mexico that require unconditional approval ...
By Gonzalez Calvillo, S.C
A few days ago, the Second Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court ruled as discriminatory the application of HIV/AIDS tests as a contracting requirement for medical staff.
By Gonzalez Calvillo, S.C
On April 11, 2019, Mexico´s Lower House of Congress approved a Reform to the Federal Labor Law, which is expected to be published on May 1st, in the Federal Official Gazette (DOF).
By Gonzalez Calvillo, S.C
The rules of the self-regularization program for the execution of vulnerable activities was published on April 16th in the Federal Official Gazette.
By Rafael Vallejo Gil
On February 24th, 2017, a Decree was Published in the Federal Official Gazette amending diverse provisions of articles 107 and 123 of the United Mexican States Constitution, in relation...
By Enrique Gonzalez Calvillo, Jorge Cervantes, Cristina Massa, Diana Pineda
Pre-reform, Pemex produced or imported, transported, stored, marketed, distributed and delivered all fuels in Mexico.