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By JWP Patent And Trademark Attorneys
Consumer demand shapes the development of broadband mobile services. The International Telecommunication Union estimates that mobile internet traffic will rise by 10 to 100 times between 2020 and 2030.
By Tomasz Grucelski
EUIPO and the European Commission recently published new reports on intellectual property infringements.
By Piotr Mierzwinski
The word ‘novelty' is used in everyday speech in various contexts, therefore it can be understood in many different ways, depending on the circumstances.
By Tomasz Gawliczek
This means that the entity that sells a patented product without the consent of the patent holder may face liability under civil law.
By Roger Weichert
For more than twenty years Roger Federer was bound to a sponsorship deal with Nike which included a line of products bearing his "RF" initials.
By Dominika Ziolo
The opposing claims are then examined by the Patent Office in the course of opposition proceedings.
By Patrycja Wrzosek-Mijas
From 16 March 2019, pursuant to amendments made to the Industrial Property Act (IPA), the procedure for extending protection of a trademark changed.
By Piotr Godlewski
Piotr Godlewski, European Patent Attorney at JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys and mentor in the StartUp Hub: Poland Prize program, briefly points out key learnings for innovative startups who don't want to miss out ...
By Iwona Płodzich-Hennig
Przemysł farmaceutyczny dzieli się na dwie kategorie wytwórców: firmy oryginalne i firmy generyczne.
By Michał Resmer
The draft bill aims to introduce a new, distinct procedure for intellectual property cases into the Civil Procedure Code.
By Iwona Płodzich-Hennig
The pharmaceutical industry is divided into two categories of manufacturers: original drug companies and generics companies.
By Tomasz Gawliczek
At the end of 2018, an opinion of the Advocate General was issued in Case C-476/17 on the admissibility of using so-called ‘samples' from the point of view of EU copyright law.
By Urszula Nowak
Prezydent podpisał nowelizację ustawy prawo własności przemysłowej. Zmiany w ustawie mają dostosować polskie przepisy do uregulowań Dyrektywy 2015/2436, ujednolicającej ustawodawstwa krajów członkowskich dotyczące znaków towarowych.
By Urszula Nowak
NSA ukróciło nękanie właścicieli znaków towarowych niezasadnymi wnioskami o ich wygaszenie.
By Urszula Nowak
The NSA has curtailed the harassment of right holders through unjustified applications to revoke their trademarks.