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Contributor Most Read
By Franco Rossi
In previous articles on piloting we focused on the critical issues that mark its organization, tariff setting mechanisms and any distortions of competition that are likely to arise from the current regulatory and organizational structure of this service.
By Ulrich Eller
The maritime employment relationship is intrinsically characterized by important elements of internationality.
By Filippo Di Peio
On 17 April 2019, the European Parliament and the Council approved the new Regulation (EU) 2019/712 on safeguarding competition in air transport.
By Emanuele Caretti
We hereby summarize the procedure followed in the market practice in the event of sale of a vessel registered with the International Ships Registry.
By Luca Cavagnaro
Let's start with the facts: in 2012, during a trip from Charleston (United States) to Antwerp (Belgium), a fire occurred on board a container ship.
By Simone Gaggero
Said further requirements may be divided into two categories: (i) those referring to economic and financial standing and (ii) those referring to technical capabilities.
By Ekaterina Aksenova
The TAR – as mentioned – rejected the claim, considering that in the case in question the AdG was not required to carry out a public tender procedure.
By Matteo Gallanti, Stefano Padovani, Giovanni de' Capitani
Recent updates on the securitisation of proceeds arising from ownership of real estate assets introduced by Italian Budget Law 30 December 2018, no. 45 and Law Decree 30 April 2019, no. 34 (so called "Growth Decree").
By Anthony Perotto, Guido Foglia, Michele Zucca
On March 2009 the Italian Insurance Regulator (ISVAP, at the time) issued Regulation n. 29/2009, dealing with, inter alia, insurability of certain risks (the "Regulation").
By Virginia Paparozzi
The issue addressed in this article is of particular interest to all companies operating, even if without being established, in Italy.
By Marco Cosa, Carlotta Righetti
This note is inspired by a recent ‘abuse of majority' case and focuses on meeting resolutions passed with the sole intent of harming minority shareholders as well as on immediate enforceability
By Marco Cosa
By a judgment of 25 May 2017, the Court of Milan ruled on the non-fulfilment of a mixed potestative condition applying to the company Beta
By Gianluca Massimei, Guido Zanchi
In the event of online press articles causing damage to honour and reputation, without prejudice to the prohibition of precautionary measures having equivalent effect to seizure of the press
By Iolanda Boccia, Gabriele Travaglini
The recent reforms addressing proceedings before the Supreme Court devote a great deal of attention to drafting techniques, since the strengthening of procedural filters, in accordance
By Michele Cespa
A recent ruling of the Court of Rome (decree of 8 June 2018) provides an opportunity to summarise some key events related to the voluntary termination of the company structure.
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