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By Gary Pappas, Ryan P. Forrest
The Southern District of California certified a food labeling class against Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. based in part upon a price premium damages model developed ...
By Brendan N. Gooley
A federal judge in Connecticut recently dismissed claims against insurers related to their denial of a claim by two homeowners whose home's foundation was crumbling.
By Thomas C. Lauerman
Rule amendments proposed in October by the SEC could impact insurers whose obligations under certain types of annuity contracts have been guaranteed by the insurers' affiliates.
By Thomas C. Lauerman
Like most ETFs, the buffer ETFs are registered with the SEC on Form N-1A as "open-end" investment companies, and they issue and redeem their shares at net asset value (NAV
By Gary Cohen
The SEC staff now says that mutual fund directors can rely on chief compliance officer certifications in determining compliance with board procedures required by SEC exemptive Rules 10f-3, 17a-7,
By Edmund J. Zaharewicz
The SEC has long refused to allow companies to go public with bylaws or other governing documents that would require shareholders to arbitrate federal securities law claims against the company.
By Jeanne Kohler
A California district court recently denied a motion to vacate an arbitration award which had denied a plaintiff's claims brought before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA").
By Ann Began Furman
For many years, insurance company issuers of non-variable products that are registered with the SEC on Forms S-1 or S-3 have been required to disclose compensation information about highly-compensated executive officers of the issuer.
By John Pitblado
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a Virginia federal court's dismissal of a challenge to an arbitration award.
By Carlton Fields
U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
By Christopher Freeman
The frustration property owners must feel when the actions of another cause them to no longer be able to use their property as originally intended is certainly palpable ...
By Maria Mejia-Opaciuch
This presentation is a three-part series on the procedural and policy changes issued by the various U.S. agencies governing legal immigration ...
By Thaddeus Ewald
The Northern District of New York declined to reconsider a September 2018 decision on competing motions for partial summary judgment ...
By Jason R. Brost
Illinois has adopted a bill that includes a number of revisions to its laws regarding captive insurance companies.
By Thaddeus Ewald
A District of Columbia federal court partially granted and partially denied a reinsured's motion to amend its complaint in a dispute over a reinsurance agreement for a credit insurance policy.
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