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By Bruce F. Perce
The relationship between record dates and ex-dividend dates (or "ex-dates") for dividends is sometimes unclear to market participants, ...
By Mayer Brown
We are pleased to present the updated edition of our guide: Preparing for and Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents.
By Louis Nayberg
After the failed attempt of the Marc Jacob case (Conseil d'Etat, 31 May 2016, No. 393881, Jacob), the decision of the French Administrative Supreme Court dated 16 September 2019
By Kendall C. Burman, Rajesh De, Stephanie Duchene, Philip Recht, Lei Shen, Jeffrey Taft, Lisa V. Zivkovic, Amber Thomson
Almost immediately after the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"), lawmakers proposed both large and small amendments to it
By John R. Ablan, Michael Hermsen, Anna T. Pinedo, Laura Richman
On September 26, 2019, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission) extended the ability to test the waters to all issuers by adopting the highly anticipated new Rule ...
By Jad A. Taha, Charles Hallab, Tahan A. Thraya, Elizabeth Espín Stern, Grace Shie
On September 27, 2019, in another major step toward economic and social reform, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a tourist visa program.
By Michael Hermsen, Candace R. Jackson
This market trends article discusses the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) pay ratio rulemaking, which was mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform...
By Anna T. Pinedo
One of the Securities and Exchange Commission's priorities under Chair Clayton's leadership has been protection of retail investors, including through rigorous enforcement of microcap fraud
By Michael Hermsen, Brian D. Hirshberg, Anna T. Pinedo
This article summarizes key questions that an issuer may raise in connection with deciding whether to establish a Rule 10b51 trading plan in conjunction with the issuer's at-the-market offering program.
By Mark Leeds, Juan F. Lopez Valek, Stephanie Wood, Brennan W. Young
Bylined article by Tax Transactions & Consulting partner Mark Leeds and associates Juan Lopez Valek, Brennan Young and Stephanie Wood.
By Christa Bieker, Stephanie Robinson
Earlier this month, the Bureau released its Summer 2019 edition of Supervisory Highlights.
By Jad A. Taha, Jonathan Olson-Welsh
"Proptech" is the buzzword in the construction industry at the moment, with the latest advancements in drones, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic tools dominating the headlines in the Middle East.
By Mary Jo N. Miller, J. Paul Forrester
In the three months since our Legal Update of June 20, 2019, our prediction about the adoption of LIBOR fallbacks consistent with the recommendations of the Fed's Alternative Reference Rates Committee has proven correct.
By Mark Leeds, Juan F. Lopez Valek, Brennan W. Young, Stephanie Wood
On September 5, 2019, the US Internal Revenue Service (the "IRS") released two separate, but related, sets of proposed regulations.
By Laura Richman, Jennifer Carlson, Michael Hermsen, David Schuette, Robert Gray, Jr.
As summer closes and autumn begins, it is time for public companies to begin planning for the 2020 proxy and annual report season.
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