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By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
The working world is being changed by young people, but being an entrepreneur is still misrepresented
By Julian Baddeley
It is becoming ever more apparent that climate change presents a massive risk to the world economy, and that UK quoted businesses
By Ibi Eso
Let's talk about the elephant in the room, staring you in the eyes and ready to use its trunk to douse you with water.
By Mala Shah-Coulon
For the first time listed companies will soon start to report against new far-reaching UK corporate governance changes in their 2019 Annual Reports and Accounts
By Melissa Scully
Despite female participation in the workforce increasing and research indicating that diverse teams are more likely to achieve better business outcomes ...
By Kirsty-Anne Jasper
Ruby Wax OBE has become an advocate for improved mental health provisions, following her own battle with clinical depression.
By Sonia Sharma
Financial service organisations are meant to keep dirty money out of the system by having stringent processes in place.
By Robert Salter
Existing IR35 regulations will be updated from April 2020 due to Government proposals
By Robert Bell
European Court clarifies EU Commission's powers to police member states' taxation policies under state aid rules
By John Stittle
Intangible assets are a vital asset for many companies.
By Paul McFarlane
Employers are feeling underprepared for the introduction of new immigration restrictions
By Ben Harber
Stakeholder engagement is key to upholding principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code.
By Sonia Sharma
We speak to the winner of the Chartered Governance Institute's Company Secretary of the Year 2018 award
nspired by World Mental Health day on 10 October, we decided to see what the Chartered Governance Institute...
By Jeremy Cross
It has been said that much of psychology is systematised common sense. Whilst that may be true, to what extent are its findings also common practice?
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