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By Oleg Zagnitko, Oleg Zagnitko
Ukrainian lawmakers technically distinguish representative offices in Ukraine from their parent entities under a foreign jurisdiction. In this connection, relevant literature views Ukrainian representative offices as being almost independent players in the legal relations.
By Angelika Lyubivaya, Angelika Lyubivaya
Attracting additional private investments to the Russian economy and ensuring that state property is used effectively are the two main tasks to be solved at the current stage of the economic reforms being implemented in the country.
At the end of 2004, the Russian Federation State Duma adopted a complex of new regulatory acts in the sphere of real estate legislation, which, consequently, has been significantly changed and supplemented.
By Elena Sapegina
In recent years, the real estate market in Russia has been one of the most dynamic markets in terms of volume of investments. In 2004, prices in major sectors of the market reached levels which existed prior to the financial crisis of 1998.
By Oleg Zagnitko
Emerging markets require capital inflows and are sensitive to any outflows. Implementing structural reforms in the economy, the government and regulators in Ukraine face this dilemma and always need to balance the interests of capitalism’s "invisible hand" and sustainable growth of institutional development.
Both the EU enlargement and the Orange Revolution have provided additional boost to the recovering Ukrainian economy. Multinationals are now more than ever interested in expanding into Ukraine (the "China of Europe" as it is now called by many), while local companies vie to conquer as much of the domestic market as possible ahead of the newcomers.