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By Juan Javier Negri
En esta ocasión, sin embargo, a la violación siguió el homicidio de la víctima, de apenas 22 años.
By Juan Javier Negri
Para los jueces cupo atribuir responsabilidad a las demandadas "por haber omitido dar al consumidor correcta o verídica información sobre la situación, calidad y demás circunstancias referidas al producto".
By Juan Javier Negri
Había sido, además de miembro de las Fuerzas Armadas con un grado importante, presidente de la Junta de Investigaciones de Accidentes de la Aviación Civil y Comandante de Regiones Aéreas.
By Juan Javier Negri
Asumamos por un rato que quien litiga ante los tribunales es un consumidor...
By Juan Javier Negri
Desprolijidades ocurren en todas partes (hasta en los museos); a veces tienen serias consecuencias.
By Javier Podrez Yaniz, Javier Podrez Yaniz
This issue of Argentine Business Law Watch looks at recent Central Bank rules affecting foreign financial institutions. Regulation (and Taxation) Through Representation? examines a significant shift in Central Bank policy toward the authorization of foreign financial institution representatives.
By Mariano C Ballone, Leandro M Passarella
This article reports on a significant joint resolution issued last week by the Argentine tax and securities regulatory authorities (the "Joint Resolution"). The Joint Resolution endeavors to clarify the meaning of "public offering" and to resolve various uncertainties concerning the issue of tax-exempt debt securities. Unfortunately, the safe harbor spelled out by the Joint Resolution may not prove practical. Read on for a description of the new rules and a brief analysis.
By Ines Maguire, Mariela Caparrós
This article reports on two significant recent developments. The lead story centers on a national appellate court decision holding (we think unfairly) a regional Coca Cola bottler jointly liable for labor claims made against a distributor. Our second story, Shocked Back to Life?, offers some encouraging news to bondholders pursuing claims in bankruptcy.
This edition of Argentine Business Law Watch reports on a recent directive released by the Secretariat of Energy. The directive represents the Government’s latest response to the current Argentine energy crisis. In our March issue, we outlined the Government’s plans to curtail exports of natural gas and gas-generated electricity, as well as other measures to reduce domestic consumption, embodied in Decrees 180/04 and 181/04.
On April 16, 2004 a federal judge in the small, provincial town of San Rafael, Mendoza, loosed his sling and let fly a stone against the designs of two corporate giants.
This article reports on recent government rules responding to the Argentine energy crisis. As winter approaches and natural gas consumption increases, the Government has announced plans to curtail exports of natural gas and gas-generated electricity, as well as other measures to reduce domestic consumption. How can a country rich in gas reserves suffer a shortage? Why are Argentina’s neighbors, particularly Chile, extremely worried?
By Leandro M Passarella
This edition of Argentine Business Law Watch reports on a recently enacted federal tax regime designed to encourage Argentina’s burgeoning software industry.
By Leandro M Passarella
This edition of Argentine Business Law Watch responds to our readers’ clamor for a summary of the various tax reforms recently signed into law by Argentine President Nestor Kirchner.
This edition of Argentine Business Law Watch 1 discusses the enactment of Law No. 25,780. For those involved in Argentine banking activity, this statute provides an encouraging sign that Argentine banking regulatory authorities are implementing lessons learned from the bank failures suffered during the collapse of the Argentine financial system in 2002.