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By Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo
In Nigeria disputes between banks and their customers are typically resolved through litigation in the courts.
By Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo
Before addressing the issues in the case, for a more comprehensive appraisal of the case it will be useful to briefly summarise the facts.
By Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo
Where the seat of an arbitration is in Nigeria, the Arbitration and Conciliation Act will, by default, be the lex arbitri.
By Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo
In Nigeria, under section 5 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act where one party to an agreement that contains an arbitration clause approaches a court in respect of the same dispute covered by the arbitration clause, ...
By Mofesomo Tayo-Oyetibo
Over the years, Nigeria has continued to develop as a suitable place for arbitration in Africa.
For this reason, it is typical for most micro, small and medium enterprises to carry on business using Business Names.