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By Dana Radulescu
Maravela|Asociații assisted the Belgian company Interparking in the almost EUR 4 million acquisition of a parking in Timișoara, in the context of the operator's business expansion in Romania.
By Alina Popescu, Magda Grigore, Daniel Alexie
In early 2017 the Competition Council amended the rules concerning the calculation of fines.
By Gelu Titus Maravela, Daniel Vinerean, Teodor Chirvase
According to Government Decision 734/2010 regulating the organisation and functioning of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, the agency is the main body responsible for supervising and controlling the medicine and medical devices market.
By Gelu Titus Maravela, Daniel Vinerean, Teodor Chirvase
One recent legal development in the pharmaceutical field is the change of methodology for establishing prices for medicinal products which are totally or partially paid for by the social security system.
By Alina Popescu
Alina Popescu vorbeste si despre proiectele anului trecut, despre echipa si performantele acesteia, dezvoltarea ariilor de practica, punctand pasii pe care Maravela & Asociatii ii va face pentru...
By Gelu Titus Maravela
Gelu Maravela, the Co-Managing Partner of Maravela⎪Asociatii, waives away the potential impact of politics on investment in the country.
By Alina Popescu, Alexandra Ichim
Is your state a party to the New York Convention? Are there any noteworthy declarations or reservations? Yes. The reservations made upon accession are as follows:
By Magda Grigore, Felix Tapai, Mihai Buciuman
Industrial design and models are also protected at a national level and international protection is recognized at the national level.
By Daniel Vinerean, Felix Tapai
The applicable regulations contained no subjective evaluation criteria, as well as no transparent analysis procedures to be applied or followed by the fiscal authorities.
By Maravela Asociatii
i.One or more Managing Directors only
By Alina Popescu, Ioan Roman, Daniel Vinerean, Alexandra Ichim, Magda Grigore
Which issues would you most highlight to someone new to your country? Romanian labour legislation is primarily designed to protect the rights of the employees, in line with EU law.
By Alina Popescu, Sonia Fedorovici
This country-specific Q&A provides an overview to technology laws and regulations that may occur in the Romania.