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By Rodolfo Mesa Chaavez
One of the most effective conservatory measures that can be taken by the creditor is the provisional judicial mortgage.
By Rodolfo Mesa Chaavez
Foreign companies can provide services in the territory of the Dominican Republic, as long as they comply with national regulations. Among the main requirements is the registration of the foreign company...
By Rodolfo Mesa Chaavez
In view of the growing integration of international markets, an aspect to be taken into account by multinational companies exporting their products to Latin America is the regulations applicable...
By Rodolfo Mesa Chaavez
In the Dominican Republic airports are both state and privately owned.
By Rodolfo Mesa Chaavez
Commercial and civil aviation in the Dominican Republic is governed by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), the Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) and the Specialised Body of Airports and Civil Aviation Security (CESAC).